Report: No Gabe Kapler News Until Next Week


So Jim Salisbury reported about 20 minutes ago that we weren’t gonna get any Phillies news today.

Now Jayson Stark says don’t expect anything until NEXT WEEK:


Well it could mean that, that more is at stake here than just the manager’s job. But could it also mean that they are simply satisfied with what they have and don’t plan to make any changes?

The saga continues, Wu Tang, Wu Tang.


5 Responses

  1. I hope he at least enjoyed the Jewish holiday with family. And I hope everyone is enjoying this warm weather!

    – Kate

  2. Klentak should ABSOLUTELY go before Kapler. Don’t get me wrong, I think both (actually all 3 w/ MacPhail) need to go, but Klentak has proven year after year he can’t put a team together. Where would they be after 4 years of his rebuild if they didn’t write
    Half a billion $$ in checks this offseason? All he has to show for last 4 years of trades, top 10 draft picks, and free agents is: kingery, Nola, Hoskins. He sucks!

    Where’s Moniak? Hasley is no more than a #4 OF. He loses trades on the margins. No rule 5 pan out. Keeps getting burned with over the hill middle relievers that break down. Just absolutely incompetent!

    C’mon Middleton..:get rid of this clown!

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