Earlier today, Eagles coach Doug Pederson expressed optimism that dynamic wideout DeSean Jaccson would play on Sunday against the Bears, but DJax didn’t exactly sound like he’s bought into the hype coursing through the veins of the Eagles Twitterverse:

Reporter: DeSean, you think you’re playing on Sunday. If so, are you excited about it?

Jackson: That’s the plan right now. Definitely been a long process, so we’ll see how it goes.

Reporter: Is there a risk of reinjuring it more or is it just a matter of being able to try to do the things you can do while dealing with the injury?

Jackson: It’s just a thing that I’m dealing with right now. Not too many answers for it, just a common injury, so we’ll see how it goes and I’m trying to do everything I can to take care of it and get right, so we’ll see how it plays out.

Reporter: Has this taken longer than you expected?

Jackson: Shoot…

Now, is it possible that he doesn’t want to get everyone’s hopes up for a big game on Sunday? Sure. Could it be a bit of gamesmanship to keep the Bears’ coaches on their toes? It’s possible. This, though, was by no means a fist-pumping triumph over what has been a nagging injury.