Dez Bryant is Going to “Reach Out to Teams and See What Happens”

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday, the Eagles added Jordan Matthews to the roster for a third time, according to reports that still have not been officially confirmed.

Maybe you heard Dez Bryant’s name floating around out there as another option to bolster the Eagles’ receiving corps, and while Dez has been out of the game since 2017, he’s considering an NFL return, according to him:

Bryant didn’t play during the first half of 2018, then he signed with the Saints on a one-year deal but tore his Achilles tendon two days later. He’s been on the shelf ever since, but has had a full year to get healthy.

He’s 31 years old now, and maybe bringing in a former Cowboy is a huge red flag in general. The Eagles don’t exactly do well when they go this route, unless you were a fan of Miles Austin, DeMarco Murray, Orlando Scandrick, or Chris Boniol. Dez has always been a head case, but maybe some time off has changed that. Who knows?

In his prime, he was a Pro Bowl talent and perennial 1,000 yard receiver, but even in 2017, his last NFL season, he caught 69 passes for 838 yards and 6 touchdowns.

You tell me –

Dez Bryant, yay or nay?

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10 Responses

  1. Who has the whiniest voice on WIP—Spike J Eskin, James J Seltzer, or the old producer of the afternoon show Ben J Livingston

  2. Disney Cruises went to Epstein Island, Epstein is a P3do, Disney has multiple p3do cases against them, disney owns ABC, ABC covers up Epstein story says:

    hahaha yes sign him! Then we can run 6 tight end sets or 16 personnel. Hollins, Bryant, Dallas, Zach, Matthews, Jeffrey.

  3. Old? Injury prone? Big name whose days are way behind him? Sounds exactly like the kind of player Howie Roseman salivates over and the fanbase would believe is the difference between 8-8 and a Super Bowl dynasty.

    In other words, he’ll be an Eagle by dinner time.

    Why didn’t Foles have all these issues with the receivers last season?

  4. you guys were all about Demarco Murray when they signed him. Remember all of the “we got demarco” chants and the morons who hired a pilot to fly one of those banner planes around dallas with “we got demarco” flying off of the back. until the pilot crashed and killed himself. yea great times eagles fans. of course demarco might have actually been productive if “football genius” and “kyle scott approved” chip kelly didn’t run him on sweep plays constantly.

  5. I say bring him in for a tryout. for the 50 or 60 snaps a week that Hollins is getting (with zero production), maybe he could help a little. We’re only talking about a 7-10 game run. Then they will have to address the position AGAIN in the off season.

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