How To Get DraftKings Sportsbook’s Bet Match and Deposit Bonus Promos

draftkings sportsbook bet match promo code

DraftKings Sportsbook, our choice for best online sportsbook, recently launched in Pennsylvania. Now available in four states, DraftKings has somewhat moved away from the heavily-promoted signup offers and promo codes that its peers are offering.

Since its debut last year, DraftKings had frequently ran a first bet match offer for new players, meaning they would match the amount of a user’s first bet up to either $100 or $200.

Over the last year, however, as other online sports betting apps have increased, doubled and improved upon their signup offers, DraftKings seems to be going in different direction.


How To Still Get Their $200 Bet Match Promo

New users who sign up here can get both the $200 first bet match and the up to $500 deposit bonus.

DraftKings is no longer offering its $200 bet match to the general public. There is still one way to get it, however– in addition to their now standard $500 deposit bonus, which DraftKings introduced a few months ago.

At first blush, the deposit bonus would instantly make for one of the most aggressive signup offers in the game. However, it comes with a range of requirements. User deposits are only matched up to 20%, meaning it’s not a one-to-one match for every $1 you deposit.

Additionally, most of the bonus money comes with a 25x play-through requirement. There’s a lot to detail here, but the short of it is that unless you’re a large better who plans on betting well into the thousands of dollars over the next few months, it will be very difficult for you to obtain the full $500 bonus.

The $200 bet match is more resonant with casual betters. DraftKings is no longer offering it on their TV and radio ads. But it is still available through select online partners and comes with the $500 deposit bonus.

Here’s how to get the offer.

Simply sign up for DraftKings Sportsbook using this link and register before downloading the app. Once you register, you’ll be given a link to download the app and your account will be tied to both the $200 bet match and $500 deposit bonus.

The bet match is credited after you place your first bet, where you’ll be given a reward with a free bet for an equal amount. This can be used in conjunction with the $500 deposit bonus, which is available to both new and current players. Inside the app, you will also find a range of odds boost, unique ways to play, and other ongoing promotions.

DraftKings also gives you the opportunity to earn small free bets along the way, but if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, you have to sign up through an online partner at this link to get DraftKings’ $200 bet match promo.

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