The Eagles Should Stay Far, Far Away from Antonio Brown

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Today Josina Anderson, who once asserted that Howard Eskin has “zero knowledge” of who her Eagles source really is, reported that the NFL will meet with Antonio Brown and sort out of his off-field issues:

She later clarified that the meeting will take place next Thursday, not next Wednesday, which should mean squadoosh to Eagles fans, because Antonio Brown should be nowhere near the Delaware Valley.

For starters, the Birds have done a relatively good job of keeping troublemakers off their roster and running a clean program. Nigel Bradham, who clocked a cabana boy in the face a few years back, is probably the biggest violator in the club. Otherwise, you’re looking at Lane Johnson’s PED suspensions and Fletcher Cox’s home wrecking lawsuit as perhaps the only other “unscrupulous” activities taking place. Chris Long smoked some weed, but in other news, water is wet and the sky is blue. Typically, guys like Josh Huff and Daryl Worley have gotten the quick hook down at NovaCare for their respective transgressions.

And don’t undersell the importance of that. One of the things that was nice about the Super Bowl win was that the Birds did it with a group of guys who were genuinely likable, from Nick Foles to Jason Kelce and Stefen Wisniewski. Brandon Brooks overcame anxiety issues and Malcolm Jenkins was lauded for his off-field charitable endeavours. Regardless of your political and religious affiliations, and the manifestation of the Colin Kaepernick and White House non-visit situations, I think most of us would agree that the 2017 and 2018 squads were filled out by decent dudes.

Antonio Brown doesn’t fit the bill. We’re talking about a guy who bailed on the Raiders, found himself accused of rape, make a big stink about his fucking helmet, and almost froze his feet off due to a cryotherapy mishap. He lasted less than two weeks with the New England Patriots, which should be the biggest red flag of all. If Bill Belichick can’t absorb that personality into the locker room, then it ain’t gonna happen here.

And regardless of what happens with legal proceedings, the NFL can suspend Brown anyway. That’s another risk you run, though of course you could just cut the guy and move on in the same way New England did. It just seems to me like the guy is clearly unstable, like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off again.

Bringing in AB doesn’t match what the Eagles typically do from a personnel standpoint. It’s a desperation move for a 5-4 team that isn’t good enough to win a playoff game anyway. Don’t sell yourself out for a selfish head case of a receiver. The dude is a total mess.

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19 Responses

  1. Michael Bennett was under indictment for beating an elderly woman. Eagles had zero problem with it.
    Nelson Agholar has been credibly accused of sexual assault at a strip club. Eagles had zero problem with it.
    DeSean Jackson at worst is part of a gang, at best promotes said gang with gang signs and slogans. Also staged a robbery at his own house to collect insurance money. Eagles had zero problem bringing him back.
    Eagles for years greased the palms of a convicted corrupt District Attorney so he’d look the other way when their players committed crimes–which helped LeSean McCoy to name one player out of a more than his share of jams (beating and harassing women, jumping and beating up off duty cops, etc.)

    The Philadelphia Eagles are not the choirboys the local media paints them out to be. Rotten apples are discarded only if they have nothing to contribute….like pretty much every NFL team.

    However, you’re right. AB is a ticking time bomb.

  2. Research the standard hotel. Stop being distracted by the paid, dancing puppeteering that is the NFL… I mean it is listed as sports entertainment, just like the WWE

    1. What other NFC playoff team can the Eagles beat in a playoff game? You know, one that’s not played on four days rest for both teams in a Thursday night shit-show game where the inferior team usually benefits from the odd week.

      1. You hate carson so u already believe they cant win anything
        Especially when nick foles d is not close enough by for you to give it a reach around as your safety blanket…

        I dunno genius

        That green bay game was this year right?
        Green bay is only nfc team on schedule who will make playoffs this year so I am unsure how to answer your question.

        Correct..seattle will not make it

        Bag of douche…

        This dude would ruin a wet dream

  3. WIP caller: “The Eagles should sign Antonio Brown.”
    Me as Host: “Oh really? Why the Eagles? Because you live in Philadelphia? Why not the Lions or the Chargers? And do you also realize anyone could have signed him over the past month? Do you think there might be a reason why no one has? Do you watch sports at all?”

  4. When you point out the recent and current players who have committed or been accused of crimes and the Eagles’ shady relationship with Seth Williams, Crossing Broad censors you.

  5. Didn’t we learn our lesson about going down the rabbit hole of selfish egomaniac receivers with Terrell Owens? AB provides no guarantee of short term gain…but he will undoubtedly provide MOUNTAINS of long term pain.

  6. “Squadoosh” is a very underrated word and needs to be appreciated and utilized more often. Could be a nickname for the entire WR group; The Squadoosh Squad.

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