“Nobody Can Get Lined Up,” Says Brian Baldinger in Latest Eagles Film Breakdown

Brian Baldinger was on fire two weeks ago when he dropped a torrent of Eagles film on Twitter, declaring that “the whole thing was terrible” in the New England loss.

We got another great batch of “Baldy’s Breakdowns” this week, following Sunday’s abysmal performance in Miami, a 37-31 loss that makes me wanna barf. It makes me want to ralph just thinking about it.

But let’s soldier through and take a look anyway.

Clip 1:

“That’s player development. The Dolphins couldn’t do it in week one, week two, or week three, but they’re doing it in week 13. They’re getting better.”

Nice to see five Dolphins throw a pair of combo blocks with a wham, then get to the second level on top of that.

Maybe Doug Pederson was right when he said “that’s a good football team.

Clip 2:

Three players come to Haack and nobody goes to Sanders. It’s assignment football, nobody takes Jason Sanders.”

At the time, a lot of people were wondering why the Eagles didn’t call a timeout on that play, just get reset, make Miami think twice about running the trick play.

Here’s what Doug said Monday:

Q. What’s the downside to calling a timeout in that spot? (Zach Berman)

DOUG PEDERSON: Probably nothing. The fact that they can still come out with another formation, another opportunity. That was one of the things that understanding this coordinator and where he’s been and this team. Are there unscouted trick plays — they’re called trick plays for a reason, because they’re unscouted and gadget-type plays.

So are there those plays that every team has? Yes there are, and they work on them throughout the course of the year. You burn a timeout there, sure, that might negate that one, but it doesn’t still say they don’t line up and try something again in that situation.

Well, it’s true. I just think calling a timeout and coming off the field for a moment helps heighten your awareness and maybe stay a little more alert. Agree? Disagree?

Clip 3:

“The ball is bouncing into the turf for whatever reason. The Dolphins know they’ve blown the coverage, as soon as they turn around and look.”

I’m not sure what this was all about. Wentz didn’t even look for Agholor on that play. You can see him put his hand on his helmet at the end of the play as if to say, ‘what the hell?’.

Clip 4:

“The Eagles look like they’ve never seen this before. They can’t get lined up. Nobody can get lined up.” 

Yeah. I dunno. It was pretty bad. Thanks to Baldy for giving us some more context.

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12 Responses

  1. Nick Foles would have made the tackle, called timeout, found Agholor, and knows what the Wildcat is, respectively. Just saying….

  2. I’m still trying to figure out why the suits running 97.5 the fanatic, fired Brian Baldinger and replaced him with Tra Thomas who is absolutely terrible.

  3. Doug getting exposed for the moron he really is . Thank god the birds hit lightning in a bottle in 2017. Still can’t believe he didn’t take a timeout during the trick play formation. Hopefully jacksonville cleans house and loser Howie hires back flipp to light a fire under zit necks butt

      1. You’re thinking of the “Philly Special.” That was illegal formation and should have been flagged. Instead Bud Light built a statue/advertisement commemorating that offensive penalty and the Eagles actually erected it in front of their stadium.

  4. Most undisciplined “good” team, EVER!
    Continue to rack up penalties like it’s week 1 of the season.
    Keystone cops atmosphere on defense proves the Schwartz has given up. Malcom “The Mouth” Jenkins has lost speed & desire to play. Carson Wentz is the one seeing ghosts, throws to Alshon covered by three guys cause that’s the ONLY place he’s looking at! Even if he completed the pass, that’s a 2yd completion at best never looks for the home run play to Alligator Arms Agholor. Why do I care?

  5. Malcolm should spend more time studying game film, instead of worrying about Kaepernick & criminal justice reform. He’s making $10 million a season, focus on football.

  6. Nelson is running a clear out, he was never expecting the ball and Carson was never going to look to him. It’s a sprint left with a right handed qb, the ball was only going to go to Jeffery. That’s the play. He threw it low and away because a catchable ball would have gone the other way for 6. Nothing to see here.

  7. my question regarding the “trick play” was this (and I haven;t heard it addressed, though I don;t listen to press conferences), anyway, who were the eligible receivers on that play? didn’t they have to check in? I mean. the Eagles had 6 guys covering 5 on that side, and I”m sure that not everyone of them was eligible, so just cover the damn guy who is running out for a pass. you shouldn’t have to burn a TO when it is that simple.
    also, while I do like Baldy, everyone is an “expert” when you have the luxury of seeing plays on film two days after they happened

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