It’s Super Bowl week, so you know what that means.

Time to talk about Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb.

Donovan, you may recall, recently did Bleacher Report’s Untold Stories and explained that the drama surrounding TO is what broke up the Birds, saying this about the season following the Super Bowl appearance:

“I’m thinking he’ll be back healthy. We have ‘Freak’ (Jevon Kearse), we had guys that were just elevating their game, gaining experience, we’re gonna be back. And so the offseason goes through and all of a sudden there’s turmoil here and there are conversations going back and forth and we had to answer those (off field) questions instead of focusing on what we need to do in order to get back to where we were. And I thought that was the major distraction for us. He’s doing sit ups, he’s doing push ups, he’s playing basketball, he’s ordering pizza for the people out there. And we’re sitting there in training camp just like, ‘you gotta be kidding me.’

Owens wasn’t really happy about that, fired off some tweets, and then appeared on TV this week, doing First Things First today (alongside Brian Westbrook) to tell his side of the story:


“I just didn’t like the part, to say, I prevented you guys from going to a second Super Bowl, when the year before, leading up to the Super Bowl, he said he didn’t need me.”

Here’s another clip:


“I think he still had some resentment at the fact that when he got drafted, Ricky Williams was there, everybody wanted Ricky Williams. It wasn’t that same embracement (sic). So when I got there, it was (cheering) in the stadium, ‘TO! TO!’ Every week it was something about me and it’s almost like I took some of his shine away. That’s not what I was brought there to do, I was brought there to do ultimately what we went on to do, which was get to the Super Bowl.”

Maybe there’s some truth to that, the fact that Owens came in with a lot of fanfare and hype while McNabb’s first experience with Philadelphia sports fans was hearing the boos of 30 morons at the NFL draft.

Owens, however, just went into the Hall of Fame without a team, skipped the ceremony to do his own induction, and has a rich history of selfish and me-first behavior, so I think both guys probably share some blame for the quick deterioration of the relationship. Imagine back then if Owens and McNabb were able to put their egos aside for five minutes and realize, ‘hey, we have something good going on here.’ Instead, it’s 15 years later and they’re still jabbing each other in the press.

It’s actually kind of sad when you think about it.

(TO was also on Undisputed earlier in the week) –