In this story, I will tell you how to feel about Andy Reid.

Just kidding.

You can feel however you’d like to feel about Big Red. We only wrote one story about Andy this week, which was my Monday column explaining why he’s our ex-girlfriend, and we should want the best for him, but when you do sports radio you need to fill quite a bit of time, and as such, 94 WIP is doing an “Andy Reid Appreciation Day” next Thursday, January 30th.

Writes Andrew Porter on the WIP site:

94WIP will celebrate Reid who coached the Eagles from 1999–2012 and is now headed back to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2005 with the Kansas City Chiefs. The station will have former Eagles players talk about Reid including hosts Ike Reese and Jon Ritchie, both of whom were on the 2004-2005 Super Bowl squad.

Andy Reid appreciation day will also consist of special guests, discussion, memories and give-aways including limited edition Andy Reid Appreciator t-shirts.

WIP did a couple of staged ‘bits’ to go along with this. This was a fake ‘leaked’ editorial meeting involving Angelo Cataldi and the morning team, plus program director Spike Eskin and Eagles beat writer Eliot Shorr-Parks:


I’m pro-Big Red, so I personally think Andy Reid appreciation day is a good idea. Maybe I’ll call in. I’m sure Kenny from the Dirty 30, Eagles Shirley, and Butch from Manayunk will also call in.