Andy Reid Seems to Really Enjoy Sweet and Sour Pork

I’m pulling for Andy Reid in the Super Bowl.

You don’t have to, though, You can be indifferent, or root against him. It’s a free country.

One thing I think we can all agree on is that Andy is a gourmand, and I don’t mean that in an insensitive way, I’m just saying he’s a guy that has an appreciation for cuisine of all sorts, a person who might study gastronomy in another life, or after he wins a ring on Sunday evening.

To that point, he was asked about his grandkids this week and referenced sweet and sour pork in his response:

Coggin, who is shrewd and observant, noted that this is at least the third time Andy has mentioned sweet and sour pork when speaking to the media.

He said this five years ago:

Peters had eight interceptions that year. That was the season the Chiefs started 1-5 and then won out to finish the regular season before losing to the Patriots in the playoffs.

Here was the other time Andy brought up sweet and sour pork:

I appreciate Andy’s appreciation for sweet and sour pork. If he wins on Sunday the only appropriate celebration is to head up to the Panda Express on Aramingo Avenue and fill that styrofoam container with his favorite delicacy, to honor Big Red.


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  1. Saw the heat you took on your position yesterday with the Washington Post writer. Thank you for setting the boundaries for us all when it comes to Kobe reactions. I have to correct you however: you don’t write ‘articles’ or ‘columns’ as you’ve referenced. An employed writer for a published news worthy source writes articles and columns.

    You blog. You post for a gambling site. That is all. .

  2. I think an apology to all of the Italian Americans who visit this site is in order here.

  3. Andy Reid had 5 legit chances to win the Super Bowl while he was here in Philly, and lost each and every time. So I don’t feel the “need” to root for him, or “appreciate” him or anything. I don’t necessarily root against him either. It’s irrelevant to me. He’s gone, and at the time, he needed to go. Why didn’t we have a huge Craig Berube deal last year when the Blues won the cup (not counting the jabronis at some random bar who “adopted” them. Anyway, I like to gamble, so whoever I lay down my hard earned sheckles on come Sunday, THAT is who I’ll be rooting for, and if it turns out to be Andy, great, if not, go Shanny!

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