Carson Wentz’s Injury Led to Some Garbage Takes

The game against the Seahawks was going to be a tough one. We knew that. Instead of focusing on whether or not the Eagles’ defense could hand Russell Wilson his first ever loss to the Birds, we were subjected to this dirty, disgusting hit by noted cheap-shot artist Jadeveon Clowney, who once nearly decapitated Nick Foles:

Somehow the officials deemed the hit unworthy of a penalty, despite the helmet-to-helmet nature, a hit on a QB going to ground, landing with his body weight on a QB, spearing, and targeting. Anyway, if you thought you’d seen stupidity before, we were treated to some true gems on Twitter.

“Wentz is injury prone”

There’s a difference between being a player who gets routinely injured and misses time. It’s another when he gets taken out from behind on a helmet-to-helmet shot. Don’t tell these people, who apparently know better:

Danny Kanell

This dope then doubled down:

I can honestly say I had never heard of Kanell before this exchange. He’s somehow amassed 340k+ followers, proof that there are still thousands of Twitter bots or people really are that dumb.

Torry Holt

I loved watching Torry Holt play for the Rams. I now despise him. He tweeted the following, then deleted it like a coward:

“The Provocateur” Josina Anderson

Josina, who’s gotten notoriety the last couple of seasons for dropping anonymous reports about the locker room not being behind Wentz, co-signed a take from Torry Holt that essentially mocked Wentz for not being able to stay on the field. Classy. She also interviewed Clowney after the game, because of course she did.

Brandon Stokley


These Nobodies

“Wentz is soft”


Presumably that gem was related to Sal Pal’s report that Carson’s wife was escorted to the locker room because of the severity of his injury.

Not Directly at Wentz, but Go Away

“The Worldwide Leader”

Okay, fine, it’s not Wentz-specific, but ESPN is a troll account now?

Who do you play for again?

Noted FS1 Eagle hater Orlando Scandrick, who previously lobbed verbal grenades at his former team upon being cut, only to backtrack a week ago, was at it again, tweeting the following after the final whistle.

I look forward to seeing him this summer when the CFL season begins. Fraud.

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15 Responses

  1. In all seriousness, I didn’t think the hit looked that bad. And seriously, it was the 1st quarter. Slide. Slide. Slide.

  2. Maybe in year 5 this 30 million dollar quarterback will finally win a playoff game.

      1. The knee injury was a non contact injury. Wentz and Pederson are both on record, idiot. Also, watch the replay, his knee gives out long before any contact, dope.

  3. I’m just glad we didn’t have to wait another day for CB’s garbage takes. Since when do you guys work weekends?

  4. I hear ya Torrey makes me want to Ray Rice her .
    Sadly if Howie traded a 3rd for Clowney & drafted metcalf over white-stink they win yesterday

    1. ESPN really has failed.

      Most watched network in 2019 for viewers between 18 and 40.

      But hey – Fox has the most old people and people in trailers watching.

      Keep up the strong work.

  5. You lost me at “I’ve never heard of Danny Kanell”. How do you cover sports and sports media and have never heard of Danny Kanell?

  6. “Wentz is injury prone”. Nah. Why would anyone say that about a guy who has suffered a major injury in four of his four NFL seasons?

  7. He hasn’t completed a season in three straight attempts but how don’t dare suggest Wentz is injury prone. Who are you going to believe? Russ Joy, or your lying eyes?

    If these injuries were car accidents, Carson Wentz wouldn’t be able to get car insurance, but anyone that points this out is a creep.

  8. He is way soft, north dakota dumb. He played after he hurt his knee, now he played after he hurt his mushy head. I have been hit harder playing volley ball. Maybe he should take up golf

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