Eagles Will Reportedly Announce Coaching Staff by “End of Next Week”

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Per John Clark:

That timeline would bring us to one full month after the firings of Mike Groh and Carson Walch, which took place 24 hours after Doug Pederson told reporters they would be returning in 2020.

Later, defensive backs coach Cory Undlin took the Detroit Lions’ defensive coordinator gig while defensive line coach Phillip Daniels was let go. That gig will reportedly be filled by Matt Burke while Undlin’s job is rumored to be filled by former Falcons defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel.

Expect a few front office changes to be announced as well. They’ll need to fill the “president of football operations” gig that was vacated by Andrew Berry, who returned to Cleveland as general manager.


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  1. By methodical they mean “fart around for weeks while candidates get signed elsewhere and sift through the remains in the garbage bin and then call it methodical”.

    Duce for OC!!!!!!!

    1. Ray Rhodes drafted Brian Dawkins, Jeremiah Trotter, Tra Thomas, Bobby Taylor, Jermaine Mayberry, Duce Staley and Ike Reese and also traded for High Douglas, signed Troy Vincent in free agency as well as signing undrafted rookie Hollis Thomas the says:

      Sign Ray Rhodes to help out Howie Roseman, in finding talent, in the draft.

      1. lol you said Ike Reese hahahahahahahahaha oh man, that was the best laugh of the day lol Ike Reese lol. Hey, heard the Eagles in honor of the rapist Kobe are going to call 24, 8 yard pass routes in the opening game

        1. And Ray Rhodes moved up in the draft to get Mike Mamula! Genius Rhodes didn’t take Warren Sapp.

      2. Drunk grab ass ray rhoades didn’t draft shit . Was tommy mod rake or whoever the fuck the gm was

        1. No, I think you’re right, it was tommy mod rake.

  2. I honestly don’t get why everyone is getting their panties in a bunch about the eagles not hiring certain coaches yet …last time I checked there are no Bill Walsh’s lining up for any OC jobs. What drek that has been hired would anyone have wanted? I prefer they explore out of the box options and if nothing jumps out at them, go with someone safe that will work well with Doug like Duce Staley or DeFillipo

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