Shannon Sharpe Clowns Orlando Scandrick, But Gets His Facts Wrong


We’ve established Orlando Scandrick as a snake, but I didn’t expect Shannon Sharpe to take a swing at him on Undisputed today.

Take a look at this clip:

Partial transcript:

Shannon Sharpe: You sitting here talking with me.

Orlando Scandick: Yes.

Sharpe: Because you gave up 3rd and 22. You gave up 3rd and 30.

Scandick: No, I didn’t give up 3rd and 22.

Sharpe: Against the Cowboys!

Scandrick: 3rd and 30? You crazy. It was 4th and 1 on one of ’em and then it was a slant on first and ten. Now we’re just being blasphemous. Now we just saying anything. You’re just saying anything at this point.

Sharpe: Bro, you here with me.

Scandrick: Correct.

Sharpe: Why?

The ending is pretty good.

But anyway, in the interest of fact checking, I decided to go back and look for a 3rd and 22 and 3rd and 30 in the Cowboys game.

There was a 3rd and 30 that took place early in the third quarter, and Scandrick came up and put a nice hit on Ezekiel Elliott to limit Dallas to a seven-yard gain and force a punt. They were sitting back in sticks defense on that play.

I also found a 3rd and 2 play, the counter toss to Tavon Austin in which Scandrick got beat in space for a touchdown.

However, 3rd and 22 does not appear to exist, so Sharpe might have been thinking of another game there. I didn’t see a 3rd and 22 in the Vikings game either, from the week prior. I also looked at the Lions loss and Packers win and didn’t see that down and distance in those games.

The overarching point he was trying to make is this:

“You stink, which is why you’re sitting here on TV with me right now.” 

That I think we can agree on, but the facts appear to be incorrect. If you know what Sharpe is talking about with 3rd and 22 and 3rd and 30 then drop me a line.

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14 Responses

  1. Any r*cist displays in this article, or just the previous Scandrick article that you linked? Asking for a friend. I only come here for the comments, which are increasingly slow to scroll down to.

  2. wasn’t there a story about Orlando banging a transgender womein ?

  3. Can someone explain why there are cheerleaders at pro football games? I don’t fork over a couple hundred bucks to attend a game and watch airheads with fake smiles wave stupid pom-poms. I know when it’s time to cheer, I really don’t need their help.

  4. The author can look it up, but I believe Shannon was talking about a game when Orlando was with the chiefs and gave up that down against the pats.

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