You knew T.O. wouldn’t let Donovan McNabb’s comments blaming him for the ugly divorce between the Eagles and Owen go unanswered. Owens came out swinging:

Okay, this is fine. The all-caps CHUNKY SOUP made me laugh and we’ve all heard about McNabb having campaigned for a new deal for Brian Westbrook to decision makers in the Eagles organization. Then this happened:

This took the entire interaction to the next level. Not only did T.O. cite McNabb’s multiple DUIs, but also teased there being revelations about his behavior at parties at T.O.’s house.

Then he got to the biggest talking point coming out of Super Bowl XXXIX:

Was there really a reason McNabb vomited other than nerves? Is Owens just making stuff up? You have to think someone at a major sports media outlet has already reached out to get Owens’ tell-all.