Terrell Owens Fires Back at Donovan McNabb

Image via Twitter

You knew T.O. wouldn’t let Donovan McNabb’s comments blaming him for the ugly divorce between the Eagles and Owen go unanswered. Owens came out swinging:

Okay, this is fine. The all-caps CHUNKY SOUP made me laugh and we’ve all heard about McNabb having campaigned for a new deal for Brian Westbrook to decision makers in the Eagles organization. Then this happened:

This took the entire interaction to the next level. Not only did T.O. cite McNabb’s multiple DUIs, but also teased there being revelations about his behavior at parties at T.O.’s house.

Then he got to the biggest talking point coming out of Super Bowl XXXIX:

Was there really a reason McNabb vomited other than nerves? Is Owens just making stuff up? You have to think someone at a major sports media outlet has already reached out to get Owens’ tell-all.

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17 Responses

  1. Super Bowls have cameras everywhere yet there’s never been video showing 5 throwing up. There’s video of him throwing up during another game, but somehow it was missed by the SB cameras? Enough with this asinine story. Best QB in team history, surrounded by mostly trash, never got in trouble, and still treated like garbage by a large group of locals. Same group that has given Wentz a pass for accomplishing much less but with kore talent.

    1. No sporting event on the face of the Earth has more cameras pointed at the field than a Super Bowl. And now 15 years later, still nothing. And especially with them being in the middle of the Philadelphia market, I’m sure plenty of people at NFL films have gone over every inch of tape on that game a thousand times looking to see if they could find it, and again, still nothing

  2. Always amazed me drunk McNabb could never stay in the night before games . Heard so many stories of 5 out late pounding beers and doing shots on Saturday nights before games . Fucking loser couldn’t even stay in the night before Super Bowl

    1. If Owens is alluding to McNabb being hungover during a game that had a 6:35 PM kickoff at a time when McNabb was not a big drinker, that’s impressive. Also impressive he put up 21 points, throwing 3 TDs and close to 400 yards against a defense that completely shut down Manning and Roethlisberger in the playoffs. And his weapons were TO on a busted leg; Draft busts Todd Pinkston, Freddie Mitchell and Gregg Lewis. And TEs LJ Smith and a construction worker who was out of the league for two years named Jeff Tomlinson. And if McNabb did it while hungover/drunk, that is a truly heroic feat.

        1. Riiiight. That was all on McNabb. Not Andy Reid who had the same problems after McNabb left the Eagles and when he first got to Kansas City.

          Reid not putting anyone back for the final punt that gave the Eagles the ball back with like 4 seconds left and 88 yards to go which led to that third INT, were not at fault either. Why when Wentz throws a desperation heave on third and long or as time is running out and it gets picked is it excused as “basically a punt” or, “he had no choice” but McNabb gets crucified for throwing a pick with 80% of the field to go and less than five seconds on the clock? Oh wait…I know.

  3. Donovan will never be confused with a big game quarterback. His only Super Bowl appearance he threw 3 picks.

  4. Why is there an ad for a “let it fly homerun bonus” on this site? 1.) it’s not baseball season and 2.) it’s a picture of Allen iverson holding a bat wearing a jersey which says “homerun” across the front of it

    What the hell??

  5. McNabb not wanting to share the spotlight with T.O cost this team at least one Super Bowl. Even McNabb couldn’t have screwed that up

  6. You don’t have to like McNabb, as there are various personality reasons to give you pause …but it you support Owens and his behavior then you really didn’t/don’t care much about the Eagles. Had he gone about negotiations behind the scenes and just quietly balled, the Eagles would have rewarded him. We’ve seen it with other receivers too, like Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham …diva WRs don’t win you anything.

    1. and I know Antonio Brown and Owens won Super Bowls but those wins were before they went off the deep end and were more interested in the team than themselves.

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