Remember when the father of a 13-year-old boy accused Gritty of punching his son in the back?

Philadelphia police got involved. Local news stations went down to Chris Greenwell’s house to get the story directly from him. The entire Delaware Valley was talking about this firecracker of a story.

It’s case closed now, with authorities clearing Gritty of any wrongdoing.

Via 6 ABC:

Police said an investigation was completed by the South Detective Division.

Officials said the results of the investigation determined the mascot did not commit physical assault as alleged.

This was the only inevitable conclusion to a he said/she said situation.

Comcast-Spectacor told Greenwell at the time that there was no video evidence of what had happened. In a statement, the Flyers’ ownership group says they took the allegations “seriously” and conducted an investigation that was not able to support Greenwell’s claim.

The alleged incident took place at a photo op for season ticket holders, with Greenwell alleging that his son had touched Gritty on the head, which resulted in the mascot getting a head of steam and then punching the teenager square in the back.

Reaction on the Crossing Broad Facebook page was overwhelmingly skeptical of Greenwell, because of what people perceived to be questionable pieces to his story (like asking for perks as reconciliation). They also noted that he used the photo of himself, his son, and Gritty on Facebook despite leveling the assault allegation.

This photo right here:

There was also no eyewitness able to corroborate the claim, apparently, even though the room reportedly contained other fans who were getting photos taken. Gritty’s handler, who looks like a young Marc Anthony, I assume was also interviewed for his account.

Here’s the full police statement via KJ over at KYW: