Gritty Playing Lockdown Defense on a Couple of Nuns

sister act

Back to business for Gritty, who Monday was exonerated after a brief assault investigation by Philadelphia Police. Turns out they could not find evidence that the Gritmeister punched a 13-year-old boy in the back during a Flyers’ photo-op for season ticket holders.

So Gritty was back at it today, visiting some school and playing suffocating defense on a couple of nuns, swatting one and then taunting her for good measure:

Pretty good technique here.

Gritty moves well laterally, keeps his hands up, and doesn’t reach. Then he’s able to switch onto another sister effortlessly, because he’s such a dynamic defender, somebody who can defend both point guards and shooting guards.

Gritty is having nun of that.

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  1. Hey Kevin. Should I change my name from Josh from Pottstown to Josh from Boyertown since I moved or keep it original? Thanks I’ll hang up and listen.

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