Jason Kelce Arm Wrestles Delco Man While Wearing Delco Shirt

Imagine walking into your favorite Delco gastropub, only to find Eagles center Jason Kelce donning a Delco shirt looking for a combatant. That’s exactly what appears to have happened to this guy:

Per the tweeter, this is her brother-in-law Dave, who did a reasonably good job against an NFL lineman. Admittedly, it is difficult to throw down a legit arm wrestling bout when the table isn’t secured to the floor. Quite a power move adjusting Kelce’s wrist and critiquing his setup.

Better luck next time, Dave.


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    1. So does curb your enthusiasm get taken off the air for all of eternity now after Vince Vaughn was on it last night ? Thought we canceled Vince Vaughn’s ass after he had a conversation with the president at the Super Bowl ?

      1. That is the fake Rowhome, yo.

        I say things like “yo”, “them guys” and “I seen”.

        MAGA! All in on Don. How can my neighbors cross a border and live connected to me?

  1. Thomasso Ciampa wrestled Adam Cole BayBay for the NXT Heavyweight Championship at NXT Take Over Portland last night while NOT wearing shirts. What an epic battle that ended in tomfoolery. Mama Mia

  2. Rus sell Joy writes like Boyertown woman while wearing 80s shirt. Seriously is Kevy ghostwriting? The style is practically identical.

  3. Man, the Kelce brothers are in CONSTANT need of attention. I feel sorry for their families once football moves past them.

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