Neighborhood Opposition Obliterates Plans for Safe Injection Site In South Philly

Tell ya what –

South Philly moms are not to be trifled with. I mean that as a compliment. If you square off against one, you’re going to get your ass handed to you.

That was apparent with the fiasco that unfolded this week, when a federal judge approved the installation of the country’s first safe injection site right here in town, which resulted in neighborhood residents going absolutely bonkers on former governor Ed Rendell, who sits on the board of the nonprofit group that would be running the place.

48 hours later, those plans have been scrapped entirely, due to overwhelming negative feedback.

Via 6 ABC:

The controversial injection site to be operated by non-profit Safehouse was scheduled to open next week at Constitution Health Plaza at Broad and McKean streets.

However, a spokesperson with the Constitution Health Plaza says they are canceling the lease.

“We have made the decision to cancel plans to locate a supervised injection site at Constitution Health Plaza,” said Anthony Campisi, a spokesman for Constitution Health Plaza.

According to Mayor Jim Kenney, who is a supporter of safe injection sites, says Safehouse voluntarily delayed its opening so it could focus on meeting with the community, but the building owner alerted the City that he was no longer interested in moving forward with the lease.

I don’t want to wade into this too much, or offer a personal opinion, but I think it’s worth pointing out that a large chunk of the opposition was not specifically directed towards the concept of the site itself, it was more about the fact that the community was not consulted beforehand. It was the idea that they snuck this in without taking neighborhood opinions into consideration, similar to Starbucks, for example, building new location on the corner without going through City Council, or a zoning meeting, or anything where people had a chance to chime in.

Yes, a lot of people were also against the idea of the site itself, which allows illicit drug use in a controlled environment, with the goal of helping users overcome their addiction, but there were really two separate arguments being presented by folks who came out in opposition.

Anyway, I think the lesson we’ve learned here is that South Philadelphia moms are not to be messed with. Here’s the video from the other day that set this whole thing in motion (it went totally viral and is now up to 745,000 views) –

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27 Responses

    1. Just put the so-called safe injection site @ the corner of Kensington and Allegheny and be done with i

      Go Dodgers!

  1. Fast Eddie is a pos . It’s all about lining his wife cheating pockets with money. Why don’t he just beat it and leave Philadelphians to decide whats good for our neighborhoods. We pay enough taxes, on just about everything, thanks to this wonderful city so tell him to take a hike. Thank you Tony Bruno for all the work you did helping shutting this down

  2. Awwww….little Eddie lost. And he’s not nearly as important as he thinks he is. Let’s do a post-game show on how South Philly kicked his ass out.

  3. Are there any plans to open up any clinics for us chocoholics? LOL!
    Happy Friday folks!

    – Kate

  4. Seems to me having a place to keep users off of stoops and allies in South Philly was a decent idea.

    It’s not like more drug addicts were going to show up. They don’t take the bus to go get high. Be careful what you wish for. That user on your stoop could have been out of site.

  5. Throw a bunch of tax breaks at somebody..
    Take the kickback!

    And just do it anyway, what the puppet people don’t know is exactly what makes them the puppet peopel!

    Also-explain to me how a safe injection site is to work? Also you are aware drug addicts, have more rights, and access to better healthcare then you have at your job, that word used very loosely…

  6. Invite all the worthless pieces of sh!+ junkies for free HER-ON then give them an instantly lethal shot. Problem solved. If body isn’t claimed in 48 hours it’s burned. Some solutions are so easy and everyone makes things so difficult

  7. So in Philly you can shoot heroin in a safe site but will get a ticket/fine/court appearance for smoking a joint..Makes perfect sense……
    Just load the free needles with fentanyl and be fucking done with it…..

  8. I think this was more of a negotiation tactic for the real intended site. They threw out this location knowing it was going to get shot down. But when they announce the new location somewhere else people say “that’s better than here.” The people feel like they accomplished something, and the city gets the injection site they wanted. Everyone thinks they won.

  9. the demoRATS will do anything for votes. anything. Hopefully this d i c k move awakens the traditionally blue Philadelphia . dangerous times my friends, better vote DJT in November.

    1. Thanks for the support and paranoid fear mongering.

      Quick question – what is a good Republican plan for the junkies passed out on South Broad Street? I got nothing except to do nothing and criticize others plans. Need some guidance.

      I know we started the War on Drugs in the 80’s but that isn’t going so well.

      Thanks in advance.

      1. If someone takes them to the hospital…your paying for it assure it would be a charity case and much cheaper if you ever needed to to go to the hospital for any legitimate injury or procedure…

        Is drug addiction a disease…100 Percent!
        But should they be allowed to go prolong their disease in plain public sight while others who do not wish to partake have to watch it happen…

        These dems I tell ya, gotta love em!

        1. So you got nothing too?

          I am with you. Let’s do nothing and watch them die in public sight.

          This has to be a Democratic conspiracy. Dangerous times in deed.

          It’s true. You could pay up to 10cents more a year if we keep treating overdoses for free. Save your money patriot. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

          1. i’m a recovering heroin addict 12 years, 7 months, 24 days to be exact and I am 36.
            I’m white
            I live in Suburbia America and I use to shoot up dope on my way to work!
            So don’t tell me what should be done!
            You think that if we let them do it then it is better for them, and better for the people of the enviornment.
            All it really does, is makes us way more comfortable. I mean, I can literally get my shit everyday, while you have to go to work, and pay for me to do it.
            Don’t tell me what its like unless you been there.

            Now that I am sober…and successful and working 2 jobs to stay clean, and make money, it infuriates me that I have to pay my hard earned money for these programs that do nothing but keep people addicted and down. The more people who we keep in a state of mind where they believe that this is normal because its the way its been everyday is why society will never change, and the government will be able to tell you what you need, and not really what you want, especially with less and less to tell them otherwise. If you keep the poor happy, and the addicted, the addicted but still allow them to get buy, they will never challenge you and you as a leader will be able to push any agenda you want….
            its really not that difficult to figure out….

            sorry to damper the mood…

          2. Congratulations on your sobriety. Hard to do. Maybe you are preaching to someone who has similar experiences.

            You remind me of a born again….I screwed up my life, so now I am an expert in life….

            You got help. People need help. These locations provide a place where someone may meet the person that can get them help.

            It’s great you got your life together. Unfortunately you let it fall apart. Suggesting society will never change and then degrading programs trying to make change seems a little arrogant.

            Let’s not have any programs because you don’t like spending an extra few cents a year.

          3. If the system is still the same as it was 20 plus years ago…their not changing people arent changing.>

            People only get sober if they really really want too, there ins no try our program and well get you better…

            Opiods, lead to Heroin….Lets treat you with Methodone….then lets treat with Cyboxin…so 10 to 15 years later your still addicted but its okay cause its not heroin and were telling you its okay..

            Leaving them there on the straight for more to see, while more die everyday, is a much better option to getting it fixed then Narcan, open injection sites and taking them to the hospitals, to throw so many reverse opiates in an IV Bag to keep them alive…

            This country learns nothing until there is massive loss…sad but true.


            You wanna “fix” the drug problem.
            But you need to tell me a better way then what is currently in place, more importantly taking what is currently in place and making it even more available, and in plain sight…

            I am not against programs to help the addicted, but you are dead wrong if what you think has been in place for such a long time has done one lick of good, for either the addicted, the communities it effects, or the “law” trying to clean it up!

            Look you can disagree with me and throw your liberal ideas, but I never at any point said I was against helping the addicted…

          4. I am not a liberal. I will be voting for Trump. I am also not a conservative.

            Obviously addiction and treatment is a political issue for you. You just proved that. It makes your whole junky to hunky story seem like BS.

            Fake junky advice – Let them die in the street. We will all be better off.

        2. DemoRATs? My God, that is so clever! Did you think that up all by yourself? I can’t stop LOL’g. I don’t know you, sir, or what you do for a living, but unless you’re a comedy writer of some sort, you’re wasting your talent!!!!

  10. I hate Eddie Rendell and everything his infidelity, kickback, carpet bagger ass has ever done go back to NY you fuck.

  11. Put it in the tunnels under city hall, since it’s clear those have been forfeited to the junkies anyway.

  12. These Philly people are mean! Same ones that boo me all the time for missing uncontested layups

  13. Her argument is flawed… the safe injection site would move the drug use inside the building. She’s complaining of seeing drugs and paraphernalia on the street but this literally would move a lot of the use into a controlled environment. This would reduce drug abusers in her neighborhood as we would have more opportunities for warm hand offs into treatment. This would improve her community and the things she’s complaining about. Now, whether or not they tried to sneak the proposal through I have no idea. But she’s definitely arguing on some level that it shouldn’t be there at all and as I stated above- that’s just totally missing the point. They needed to do a better job educating the public.

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