While the Sixers, who are currently in a disappointing fifth place in the Eastern Conference, are likely trying to put out any PR fires set by Joel Embiid’s Harvey Dent Instagram post, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at just how far the team has fallen compared to their preseason odds. To take it a step further, we looked at Joel Embiid’s preseason MVP odds, just to see how The Process has fared thus far. In what will likely come as no surprise, it isn’t great.

NBA Over/Under Win Totals

This is painful to look at. Our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook set the line for Sixers’ wins over/under at 54.5, which seemed totally reasonable at the time, as many had considered the Sixers as either the favorite or second-favorite team to make it to the NBA Finals out of the Eastern Conference. With 54 games down, the Sixers are a disappointing 33-21, which includes an extreme home/road disparity. In order for the Sixers to hit the over, they’d need to go 22-6 or better down the stretch. It’s not totally unattainable, but it’s pretty unlikely.

As an aside, Ja Morant’s incredible rookie season has propelled the Grizzlies to 27 wins in 53 games, which already exceeds their projected win total. Meanwhile, Chris Paul has led a young Thunder team to within one win of going over their win total. Two very different players at two very different stages of their respective careers, but very cool regardless.

Trust the Process?

Maybe it’s the time missed. Perhaps it’s the disappointing season put together by the Sixers thus far. While Giannis looks to repeat as MVP, Joel Embiid’s chances have absolutely cratered. Luka Doncic’s rise to an international sensation is being rightfully recognized and James Harden has remained pretty steady in his case to be a top-three candidate. If Embiid feels bad, at least there’s always Paul George, who  began the season injured and has been consistent as a scorer, but has also missed a pretty significant chunk of the season for the Clippers.