Coronavirus Shuts Down the Aramingo Avenue Wawa, Which Was a Mess to Begin With

I knew this was gonna happen.

If you’ve ever been to the Wawa on Aramingo Avenue, sandwiched between the Rite Aid and Applebee’s, you know how much of a shit show it is on a daily basis. You can walk into this place at any time of day and there will be at least 20 people in there buying cigarettes and food, loitering, panhandling, and doing whatever else people do at a Wawa. This location was enough of a mess that it earned a spot on the 2018 Worst of Philadelphia bracket.

Shouldn’t surprise anybody, then, that this location has now been closed down after an employee there tested positive for COVID-19, via CBS 3 Eyewitness News:

 A Wawa in Philadelphia’s Port Richmond neighborhood has been temporarily closed after an employee tested positive for the coronavirus. The store is located at 2535 Aramingo Ave.

Wawa says the store is being professionally deep cleaned and disinfected. The store’s reopening will be reevaluated in the next few days, Wawa says.

It shouldn’t reopen at all. There are easily a thousand people or more coming through those doors on a daily basis, if I had to make a conservative guess.

Case in point, FOX 29’s Steve Keeley was out there this morning and a constant stream of people kept showing up, only to find out the location was shut down:

It’s a weird area to rope off, because people use one of those shared driveways to turn into the Rite Aid next door, which is deemed essential and remains open. But yeah, surely they can figure out something better to keep people away.

This location is a total clusterfuck even when we’re not in a pandemic, but I’ll leave you with something positive. Shout out to sanitation worker Lorenzo Compton, who is the man:

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10 Responses

  1. any update on the album you are working on, Kink? Don’t get sad when Kyle gives you the ol’ Adair boot. You were warned.

      1. Is it true you got sheittercanned from ch10news for raycest pewto comments on social media?

  2. What sane person would go to a Wawa on Aramingo Ave? That area is a crap hole. Then the whole city is a toilet full of liberal soy boys.

  3. A junkie tried to rob me in the men’s room a few months ago-seriously. I gave him a nice beating

  4. That Wawa earned the title “The Dirty Wawa” quicker than any other Dirty Wawa in Philadelphia.

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