PA online casino players rejoice, the popular IGT casino slot game Red White & Blue is now available at Hollywood Online Casino. The game, which is exclusively available at Hollywood Online Casino, is expected to be a big draw for both new and experienced online players.

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In an age where extravagance and innovation tends to grab the eyes of casino slot players, Red White and Blue goes against the grain by offering a more traditional user experience. With its classic throwback 1990s feel, this simplistic 3-reel game has long been one of the most widely played slot games at top retail casino locations around the world.

Players familiar with the onsite game will be enthused to know that the online version closely captures its overall style and feel. IGT is one of the leading developers of onsite and mobile slots, thus their retail location machines are also available for licensing as mobile versions.

With Red White and Blue, Penn National Gaming was the first to grab the rights, making it available to PA players at Hollywood Online Casino.

So, why, exactly, has this game been so popular over the years?

An unassuming layout without the bells and whistles the bells and whistles of other popular slot offerings provides an attractive layout for those familiarizing themselves with slot gaming, while an aggressive top-end payout draws the attention of more aggressive bettors.

Red White and Blue Gameplay

For Red White and Blue slot players, it’s all about lucky sevens.

Red White and Blue offers a total of 15 varying payouts, including a user-friendly fixed payout requiring only a three-coin wager to score a maximum 10,000-coin return. Comparatively, several slot games would require an initial wager of 10-15x that amount in order to score a similar return, which is why the game is particularly attractive to high rollers.

Three-coin bettors who hit varying sevens—meaning an occurrence of a red seven, blue seven, and white seven, receive the maximum payout. Three-coin bettors who hit three red sevens get a 5,000x return, while three white sevens activate a 600x payout, and three blue sevens returns 450x the initial investment. Of course, bettors can also make one or two-coin wagers, thus risking less while lowering the ceiling of a potential return.

Other combinations of red, white, and blue bars, along with double and triple bars, active more modest payouts.

While simple gameplay and higher-end returns are the driving forces behind this slot’s popularity, one potential downside is that it doesn’t offer free spins or bonus rounds. Still, the game’s immense popularity speaks volumes about its overall strengths. In fact, Red White and Blue has been so popular at retail casinos throughout the years that it has been replicated with similar games by rival designers for years.

As is the case with many online slot games, Red White and Blue offers prospective players a practice mode, which is always strongly recommended in order to develop full command of gameplay prior to taking real-money spins.

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