Howie Roseman Offers Curious Response to Question About Alshon Jeffery

Alshon Jeffery vs Cowboys
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The Eagles today posted a 35-minute interview with general manager Howie Roseman, orchestrated 1v1 by Dave Spadaro via a socially-distanced internet setup.

Howie answers a lot of questions about free agency and the current status of the roster, but the most intriguing passage came in response to a question about veteran receivers and how they factor into plans for 2020.

Clipped via EROCK:

Howie on Alshon, in part:

“It is important for him to be a Philadelphia Eagle, and to work hard. He understands where people feel about him right now and he’s not sitting there feeling sorry for himself, he’s sitting there trying to work to remind people about the kind of player he’s been for our football team. The priority for Alshon is to get healthy. He needs to get healthy. Just talking to our PR staff and hearing the narrative (around) Alshon, Alshon is a good player and I think we lose sight of that a bit and the things he can do when he’s healthy, the toughness he’s shown to try to bring a championship to our city, which he helped obviously, tremendously, and to have another one.”

Yeah, look, Alshon was a huge contributor during the Super Bowl season, playing hurt the entire time. He showed more than enough to justify his toughness and mental fortitude and all of that. Not dissimilar to Nelson Agholor, people will probably remember him for that when the dust settles and we focus on other things.

I just don’t know how you make this Josina Anderson thing go away. We’ve got Howard Eskin, the radio sideline reporter, out here telling everybody that Jeffery is Josina’s snitch. We’ve got dropped passes and another injury further eroding fan confidence in Alshon at the same time. He’d be coming back in 2020 under immense pressure as a guy who is totally out of favor.

Maybe that’s motivation enough to play his ass off and win back the fan base, but it’s such a fractured situation that it seems untenable from afar. Roseman’s comments, however, make it seem like the front office isn’t as down on Alshon as fans and media are.

Here’s the full interview:

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