Major League Baseball Establishes Guidelines for Return to Play

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s Jeff Passan, who has great taste in music:


That caveat basically nullifies bullet point one, so I’m not really sure it makes sense, nor do I imagine we’ll meet those bullet points anytime soon.

Just a hunch, but baseball begins in empty stadiums later this summer. That’s my guess.


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    1. Andy from deptford is a fake tough guy who has former Eagles linebacker Ike Reese intimidated says:

      Just saying

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  1. you know i’ve been sitting at home for the past week since i’ve been laid off from work just laying around the house. I think , as a white man, may finally have perspective….and don’t laugh at this next part….what life might be like as an african american.

    1. Expendable – not really a highlight for a resume.

      Sounds like you weren’t doing too well anyway.

      But hey – you have childlike jokes.

  2. What Muslim country has been successful without the help of England or America? Just saying

    1. Good question. Well history tells us the answer is none. No inventions, no advancements. Very sad.

  3. Seems like your typical weekend is right on schedule. Drink, post stupidity, hit refresh.

    Chin up Princess. Your government check will be here soon.

  4. Sorry Princess.

    I did forget part of your routine. You spend a lot of time changing your name and responding to yourself. KOO KOO!

    Princess – remember the lessons you learned this week. The short term memory issues and blackouts should concern you.

    Chin up – your government check is on the way. Have a great weekend. You are very special.

  5. Should b0mb ch*na for this shit .

    1. I agree. Seriously, what has Ch*na ever accomplished with out help from England or the US? They come here and rent for like 3 months then upgrade. It’s not fair. Then other people I hate move in. Not fair. I am a real man.

    1. You are a real man Joe. I know you. You are a rich plumber with no boss. You know where the money is at! Your take home ebitda is great. Really – he is a real man!! He is not broke, lonely and angry. Real damn man!!!!

    1. I agree. It is funny. I mean he did make you look like an idiot with a history and economics lesson, but he can’t answer the question you ask.

      Hey smart guy – answer the question. If Israel didn’t exist before 1948 – why wasn’t their land developed?

      He doesn’t have “logistics” to know they didn’t have “barons “ there. It was a baron wasteland.

      You got him Joe. Brilliant, real man!!

      1. Bro, you keep talking in circles and soliloquy. You still haven’t answered this guy about Israel. It’s seems to us that you’ve been owned. Just sayin.

        1. Lol. Good one Joe.

          Just keep asking a question that is stupid and nonsensical. Nobody will figure out you have no idea what you are asking. Change your name and pretend it makes sense.

          You really are a real man. Bluntman – good one.

          Hey educated guy – if Israel did not exist why didn’t they develop?

          *please note – once Joe figures out how to ask the question, he will do some more googling and realize we have given Israel 100’s of billions of dollars because we needed a political and military ally in the Middle East. We built Israel. *

          Come on Joe – we are rooting for you. You have the logistics to learn this.

  6. Who cares about Israel? Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland…just to name a few Democrat paradises…safe, low crime, highly educated tax paying citizens, rising property values…all put Israel to shame.

    1. Nice work Joe. I would have changed the subject too. I was embarrassed for you.

      Few things to consider before you get destroyed again.
      – he is not a Democrat
      – the 4 most violent states per capita are Red Trump states. Most of the top 10 are red. Mostly poor white trash – like us.
      – he will use your idiocy against you.

      Stay safe. I think the home invasions start soon.

  7. Highest crime per capita via the FBI’s crime database…

    2- Baltimore
    3- Newark
    4- Detroit
    5- San Francisco
    6- NYC (DeBlasio era)
    7- Los Angeles
    9- Chester
    10- Miami

    All Democrat mayors

    1. The solution is Midnight Basketball Leagues. That would reduce major crimes; besides what could possibly go wrong?

  8. Joe – I think Harv said states.

    You might be walking down the road to humiliation again.

    It seems the most crimes committed per capita are in Red Trump states.
    What does that mean? Joe? Mostly Republican Governors. Joe? What’s our point Joe?

      1. Looks like he is right Joe.

        What’s our point, Joe? These Republican Governors have the highest per capita crime in America. What’s our point Joe? The crime map is Republican Red Joe. Joe? So we just deny, deny, deny?

        Maybe other factors lead to higher crime areas Joe – maybe it’s not the friggin Mayor. We sure are slow Joe.

        1. Violent crime? In red states ? With Republican governors? Name one state in the top 10 for violent crime that is red?

          1. Texas – highest per capita gun ownership = highest total gun crime. Red state. Republican governor. Gun ownership leads to gun crime, it’s a fact. You shouldn’t need a gun to feel safe.

  9. Israel wasn’t developed prior to 1948 for a very simple reason. The Muslim people who lived there were incapable of production and innovation. Scientists have linked this to low intelligence due to large scale inbreeding. Science baby!

  10. Nice try Harv. I appreciate the effort. You sound as stupid as I do though.

    Guess what Harv. I just read what per capita means. I just don’t have the logistics to win.

    Hey Harv – did you know the 2 richest countries in the world were Muslim. Harv – the same countries have really low crime rates. I never knew.

    No idiot science. Just facts.

    Rough day Harv. Thanks for trying.

    I will keep hitting refresh and try to dig myself out of the idiot hole.

    Check out Alaska Harv. Where’s Glenn?

    1. You make no sense at all. You consistently prove this guy right. The saudis and the uab have oil money. That’s it. We used to buy their oil. Not anymore. What invention has ever come out of the Muslim world?

  11. The lower the IQ, the higher the rates of violence, no matter if it’s a Red or Blue State. Pretty simple to figure out that fact.

  12. When I say “this guy “ I mean me.

    Koo koo.

    Just googled

    Surgical instruments still used today
    University (sore subject for me)
    Checking accounts
    Crank shafts – led to first engines
    Inoculations against disease
    Windmills – who knew?

    So much more. I am learning.

    Turns out we still buy their oil and they have way more reserves than we do. We barely have any.

    Hey Harv – who knew? The logistics are crazy.

  13. Texas alone has larger oil reserves than Iraq and Saudi Arabia combined, these facts can be looked up. Those innovations mentioned were all made by Greeks, Italians, Germans and English. None of which were invented by Muslims. Nice try though. No wonder your part of the world has been so successful throughout history. Lol.

  14. The Romans, The English, the Americans… most successful and powerful empires in human history… all built by white , Christian, men.

      1. Facts always decimate Liberals, it takes out of their Fantasy Land and into Reality

  15. Somebody is trying really hard.

    “I may be a loser, but some of my people did some good stuff”.


    Have a good night keyboard Princess.

  16. Wow. Racism in full affect. There are some good muslims. Just not in to invention.

    1. What white inventions? Bl@cks invented everything! They just don’t brag about their major contributions to science, technology, medicine, space exploration and engineering.

  17. Drunk, angry, lonely sitting around responding to himself in a futile attempt to save face. Sadly, you can’t fix dumb or rage.

    Have a great Monday. Maybe do some doomsday prep.

    I hope life gets better for you. Nobody deserves this.

    1. Hey it’s me Nails here…. how’s the slot? Robin? You have a bush ? Prolly?

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