It was only about a month ago that the Philadelphia Inquirer advertised a new deal, offering 54 weeks of digital access for 54 dollars.

You’ve see Inky writers and managers sharing these deals on social media in an effort to get people signed up and subscribed. It’s been going on for some time now, with all sorts of special offers coming down the pike, seemingly every couple of months.

Another offer showed up in my inbox this week, offering 29 weeks of digital access for 29 cents, which amounts to $8.41 for the length of the deal, about seven months, before it turns into $3.50 a week afterward. Here are the terms as laid out on the site:

That 54 week deal was lengthy, amounting to 14 cents per day and carrying you into February of 2021.

If you took this Inquirer deal, you’d pay the 29 cents per week, so divide that by seven days per week and it comes out to about four cents a day. You can get seven months of the digital Inquirer/Daily News for four cents daily, which is bonkers.

Not sure where else their sales department can go from here. These are dirt cheap offers and the frequency with which they appear makes me feel like things remain incredibly unstable over there.