Stadium Complex Food Service Workers Are Asking for Help

Two Fridays ago, Comcast Spectacor and the 76ers announced that they’d be paying employees who work at the Wells Fargo Center for a period of time during the Coronavirus crisis. That includes game night staff, ticket takers, ushers, security, and other personnel who fall within the Comcast or Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment umbrella.

It leaves a portion of arena workers uncovered, however, the group that works in food and concessions and is employed by Aramark. We contacted Aramark for information regarding these employees and didn’t receive a response.

Fast forward about 12 days and here’s a video and statement from UNITE HERE local 274, which is the union representing the food service workers:

Shared in the following tweet, and on the UNITE website, is a letter sent from City Council to executives with the Sixers, Flyers, Eagles, and Phillies, asking them to help out:

Note that council is asking the teams to “work cooperatively” with Aramark, which holds sway in this situation. The Sixers, as we’ve noted before, are a tenant in the Wells Fargo Center and therefore do not have a direct business relationship with Aramark. That would be different for Comcast-Spectacor, which owns the building. I’d assume the arrangement is similar at Citizens Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field, though the Phillies and Eagles are not in season right now.

If the Flyers and Sixers wanted to be extra benevolent here and score infinite COVID-19 brownie points, they could agree to pay these food service workers, but ultimately Aramark is running the show in that department. I’ll contact them again and see if they have a statement regarding these employees.

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8 Responses

    1. every one knows kinkadoo collects his pay via under the table transactions and brainjobs and tossed salads.
      can’t find his tax records anywhere. kinkadoo if screwed if he has to say why he as let go from ch10.
      I did see Kyle’s property records for his 3 houses though.
      That greedy little fake shirt making bastard should be in prison for
      the crimes he’s committed.

  1. I can only hope Aramark steps up.

    Asking the Sixers to take care of you is off base.

    Maybe that union that has been bleeding you can help out.

    Charity begins at home. What good is your union?

    I suppose your employer may be asking the same question.

  2. 274 should have a backup fund in the event that union workers don’t have jobs.
    I guess that was embezzled or spent on house repairs and personal expenses.
    Kyle is used to being involved in criminal activities of a financial nature.
    Maybe that scrawny little a4 driving mope can look into it.
    Oh wait. that would require effort and though and possibly the suspension
    of greediness he’s used to having.
    sorry—my bad

  3. That’s what all the big organizations do. They contract all the work out to another company. In this case the stadiums use Aramark. All of these hourly workers are probably part-time or 1099. No one has to give them insurance, PTO, 401k, etc. Saves Aramark money. Saves the sports teams money. Then the sports teams can just hide behind the fact that they don’t employee them. Not their problem. Talk to Aramark. As Michael Rubin is out there taking private jets, exotic vacations, rubbing elbows with rappers and quarantining in his mansion with an indoor basketball court. He can do whatever he wants with his money, he earned it. But these hourly employees could use something. Those are the people putting on these games.

    1. These people work for Aramark. They should be the ones taking care of them. And as the people above noted, where is the union to step in and he’ll out? What do they pay those union dues for? Where do they go? Oh that’s right into the pockets of the union “leaders” and democrat politicians. Here’s a novel idea, maybe these people should have savings put aside in the form of an emergency fund. These people crying poor are the same ones who own $1000 iPhones and have $500 month car payments at 27% interest.

      1. Before you start talking about an industry you’ve clearly never worked in, people you don’t know such as my self – an Ivy League educated, healthy savings account holding, three job working individual who is trying to achieve a better life, hit that spell check baby. We’re in the middle of a pandemic with no plausible end in sight… it’s great to have savings, but living on it? That’s not the goal. I’m not a millionaire. Losing this stream of income is still harmful to my quality of life, and way less than the hardworking single parents, college students, and others that I work along side. So while your points about or Union are valid, the remainder of your input is ignorant, but I’ll pray for you extra hard tonight.

  4. Aramark dropped the ball with this one. They should have done what Comcast did and paid their workers for the events in March.

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