Wawa is Putting a Halt to Touchscreen Food Orders in Philly

This should have happened more than a week ago, right?

Were people really going into Wawa and touching the screen and ordering food, paying at the register, and then walking out the door? No wonder an employee at the Aramingo location tested positive for COVID-19.

Via Action News:

Wawa says they will be temporarily suspending their made-to-order food service in Philadelphia in an effort to limit crowds and encourage social distancing.

Officials tell Action News that the change went into effect at 42 Philadelphia Wawa stores starting Friday at 5 a.m.

“Following recent guidance from Philadelphia City officials, beginning March 27th, we are temporarily suspending built-to-order custom food service ordering in our Philadelphia stores. To help offset this temporary change, we are expanding our express offer of both hot and cold foods to include more options,” said Wawa in a statement.

The company said, although in-store ordering is suspended, Wawa hoagies are still available in all Philly stores as an express grab and go item.

This is for Philly stores only, but should be extended to every location, be it Jersey, Florida, Delaware, whatever. Why fuck around?

I just wonder how much this really helps, since they’re still going to be making hoagies and putting them in those express cases, where you find the pre-packaged salads and sandwiches and wraps. The idea is that people are spending less time in the store and keeping proper distance, but we should probably heed the advice of Negan from The Walking Dead and just shut that shit down:


4 Responses

  1. for once i agree with kinkaid.
    10 days late and only doing this in Philly and no where else
    dumb fucking wawa.
    I’m REALLY Glad i dont eat their dog food anymore,

  2. I thought the Mayor’s decree was that all takeout had to be pre-ordered before entering the store. WaWa has every right to be open because they are a grocer. You are allowed to walk in purchase items in the freezer and the shelves. I still think the take out rules at restaurants are too restrictive. All they are really doing is funneling everyone into supermarkets. How is that a good thing. You need people spread out.

  3. Stuck with supermarkets.

    Electronic doors. No need to touch napkin dispensers etc. No lady that has been handling cash all day handing you your stuff. Bag your own. Use a debit card.
    Wear gloves. Wash your crap when you get home.

    Stay safe.

  4. But the convenience Kinky! I doubt the people who eat gas station food for convenience are worried if a little corona gets into it.

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