Grant Wahl Was Fired

Per him:

Grant was one of the bigger/biggest names at Sports Illustrated. He’d been covering international and domestic soccer for the publication for a very long time.

As you know, SI was sold a while back and is now operated by a group called Maven, which axed a ton of the staff last year, then laid off more people when the COVID-19 crisis began. Wahl had been openly critical of these decisions and posted some stories on Instagram recently which were archived by the folks over at Awful Announcing:

If you rip your employer, you’re probably going to be fired, so nobody should really be surprised. I guarantee that he’s not surprised, and he’ll probably be scooped up by The Athletic or ESPN or FOX a better company within 48 hours, so it’s all good. It would have been pointless to stay with Maven anyway, since they very clearly want to cut costs and don’t care too much about the product.


Check this out –

And this:



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75 Responses

  1. kevvy,

    get it through your thick fucking head.
    no one gives a fucking shit about soccer within 300 miles of philadelphia.

    FUCK S—-O—C—C—E—R!

    1. soccer has been a 4th class citizen in the USA since its inception.
      Its corrupt (more than once), the action sucks, its slowwwwwwwwww
      and the injury flopping/sandbagging is the worst in ANY sport.

      Soccer is for last resort for kids that don’t have the skills to hack
      it in any other sport. Its a last resort sport.

      1. Down Lo Up Yo Boyeeeee!
        You can have your reach around later.
        Don’t forget to put in your retainer.
        I like the ‘feel’ on my crank.
        And Bring the jelly when you toss my salad tonight.

  2. Listen hoss….I know this is hard to understand but businesses cut costs including labor when revenue plummets and the business becomes unprofitable. And print media is beyond extinct…especially now…these are not charities chief…wake up.

  3. Wishing all of you a blessed Easter weekend! He has risen for us all. Be great full. Reject false profits like that haji bullshit.

  4. He didn’t rise for:

    Anybody that is not white trash.

    Our hate has no bounds and includes people who went to college and raised successful kids (especially Villanova people).

    We are “great full” to be uneducated.

  5. Listen sonny, learn about what those people actually do, then try to defend them. Your welcome.

    God bless

  6. We are all on team Joe. This is a blue collar town. We know the real world. Are their Muslims out they’re that are good people? Sure. But that don’t mean most of em aint nuts. They stone women. Throw acid on girls. Throw gays off of buildings. They’re savages.

  7. Please disregard the countries with the highest Murder rates are Christian countries. We know the real world. We just refuse to admit it.

    We are blue collar row dwellers. Rhetoric is better than fact.

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  9. Many places are available to escape the blue collar trash.

    Muslims Serve – A great charity in Philadelphia.
    15 soup kitchens across Philadelphia feeding the poor and hungry.

    They hope to see you soon Joe.

  10. We have an urgent call to action:The Islamic Relief global family has built a $10 million emergency response to help our neighbors and families across the world affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19). IRUSA specifically is dedicating $1.9 million of that to help right here in the United States.

    1. Funny when I google that nothing comes up.


      Maybe try reading the Bible? You could learn something.

  11. Hey Rowhome, you’re talking about the 1% of Muslims that live in the USA and are somewhat moderate. Did you know that 99% of Muslims believe you should be killed for leaving the faith? Not so moderate….

  12. Well said brother. You know the Cuz is all about family too. Hope you all enjoy this beautiful Easter weekend. Won’t be the same watching Easter mass on tv, but we will all make up for it next year. God bless!

    Hey , why are all the terrorists Muslim ?

    1. Amen brother.

      Unabomber – Amen Brother
      Terry Nichols- Amen Brother
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      et al

      In Jesus name we Prey

        1. Lol

          Yeah they are Democrats.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

          I thought they were Muslim? Who’s in first?

          In Jesus name we Prey.

  13. Poor Joe – he had to break out some new names to try to gain back some dignity. Sorry – forgot you would be smashing refresh all day. It gets really bad for you when you get destroyed.

    Anyway. God Bless slow Joe. I know more about Christianity than you ever will. Being an online puss really isn’t part of the program. Stop hiding behind it.

    Enjoy your Easter. Have a boiled ham sandwich and some instant potatoes. When I was serving, so you could be an online puss ,we had some decent MRE Au Gratin potatoes. Maybe you can afford something similar.

    Happy Easter. Grow up. Learn a little. Keep that rage in check. Smash refresh.

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  15. Cuz is live streaming his Easter dinner tomorrow! Can’t wait to see him and his family celebrate the resurrection together. I can’t wait for feast of the seven fishes.

    God bless.

    1. Awww man that’s awesome bo. Easter is such a great family celebration. Can’t wait to see Massimo open his Easter basket. God bless!

      1. Where did you confuse yourself?

        I never said the Koran wasn’t violent. It has to be. Most of it was copied from the Bible.

        I guess all this went over your head. I should have figured it would. My fault. I really haven’t found the bottom of your Idiocy yet.

        I will type really slow for you. All religion is made up silliness. Arguing over it is ridiculous. I just enjoy watching you prove you are exactly like the people you hate. Get it yet?

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  16. It’s me Joe .

    Did I really say I “won” Purple Hearts?

    How desperate am I for glory or feeling accomplished?

    Not looking forward to the mirror.

    Be right back with several names.

  17. This is my first post today. Got to say, wow. That Rowhome guy got dominated today.

    God bless. Enjoy your Easter weekend.

    1. Joe, How u been brother? Don’t worry. We took care of that Muslim guy. He makes no sense and can not defend is horrible religion. Hope you enjoying your Easter. God bless.

  18. Neither did I. Was posting Raclst stuff on another thread most of the morning🐈. Then shot over here to respond to myself for a few hours.

    You know – same as usual.

  19. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Easter Sunday with your families. Just got my 10 year old a brand new 250cc quad. Guna rip around my property all day. Stay blessed guys.

  20. Thank you dad for the sweet quad bike and our amazing property in Newtown Square! Not many men can provide like you. God bless.

  21. Grant Fuhr was a real thorn in the side of the Flyers in the 80’s. I’m glad to see him lose his job at Fake Illustrated

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