Jerry Jeudy Left Knee Update: The Agent Rebuttal and Doctor’s Note

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I’m all about some pre-draft info wars. Not the Alex Jones kind, but good old sports media reporting battles.

This morning we documented Natalie Egenolf’s Jerry Jeudy knee report, which was backed up by Derrick Gunn and then confirmed by Adam Schefter, who spoke of a “lingering” issue but didn’t say too much beyond that.

Now there’s this from Ian Rapoport:

Rap sheet’s report follows this from Jeudy’s agent, who says “a team” is just trying to muddle things up:

Cabott also wrote this on Twitter:

“Not true. He had minor meniscus surgery on 4/2/18. He never missed a game, or even needed treatment. Teams knew about the surgery before the Combine. No team is concerned. A team picking late in the 1st round started the rumor in hopes of getting him to drop. Not happening.”

This is some really good and juicy stuff.

The Eagles would certainly benefit from scaring other teams away from Jeudy, to force a fall, so of course if you wanted to roll up your sleeves and dive into this mess, that’s a theory that could certainly be bolstered.

That’s not to say Natalie and Gunner are wrong, or in cahoots with Howie Roseman, it’s just that national people are going to be suspicious when a report like that originates from two local Philadelphia media members. It gives people who are predisposed to skepticism something to latch on to.

On the other side, obviously the agent wants to protect his player, and he could be completely making shit up. Who knows? He wants Jeudy to go as high as possible and is going to deny what Egenolf and D-Gunn said, as any agent would. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

Personally, I’d love to see Jerry Jeudy in an Eagles uniform, so if there’s any misinformation we can spread to make it happen, let’s get it done. Let’s jump right in and muddy the waters.


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  1. bwhahaha. Slow day on the copy paste circuit. Didn’t angelo say anything outrageous or tweet something?

  2. Just more made up stories by the media. Nat is not a reporter and has no sources. DGunn has no credibility since he is Mr. Bro Hug.

    1. Gunn is the ultimate brother-in-law to the players. He and Spadaro have zero objectivity

  3. If the injury took place two years ago and he has not missed a game since, people who start rumors like this are truly sick. If you attempt to damage and malign the condition or reputation of a young person for your own selfish reasons, frankly you should lose whatever position of influence or decision making capacity you have in pro football. Beacuse, that person needs the professional help of a psychiatrist.

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