Pennsylvania High School Sports are Officially Done

The PIAA really didn’t have a choice after Governor Wolf took a page from the Alice Cooper playbook this morning and let school out for the summer:

Somebody on Facebook I believe brought up this question –

What happens to seniors who had a chance to head to college on athletic scholarships? Say you’re a baseball player at Pottsgrove and your season should be taking place right now…. is that it? Are you just shit out of luck? Does Albright College offer a full ride anyway? Something worth considering.

And this COVID crapola doesn’t just affect state-run sports. We’re talking about independent club and travel teams that aren’t playing right now. You’re probably not taking your kid to Maplezone or YSC in the foreseeable future. The best we can do is backyard baseball or driveway basketball, or maybe throwing a football around and then wiping it down with Clorox afterward.

There are a lot of little intricacies to think about here. Of course it sucks that athletic careers have ended abruptly for a lot of kids, but when you’ve got tens of thousands of people dying in a global pandemic, everything else seems trivial in comparison.


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