Rate the Philadelphia Flyers Broadcast Team

Awful Announcing regularly ranks the local broadcast teams from franchises representing the “four major North American sports.”

A few weeks back, Marc Zumoff and Alaa Abdelnaby earned a #19 overall mark, which I thought was too low. Now the NHL is up next and Jim Jackson, Keith Jones, and Bill Clement are representing the Flyers.

You can give the crew an A, B, C, D, or F grade by following this link. I gave the team a B, but if the grades were more specific I would have probably gone B+ or A-, like an 89% or a 90%.

Here’s what the current results look like:

B average. That seems about right. Voting wraps up at 10 p.m. on Friday.

For what it’s worth, the Flyers’ crew finished 16th when Awful Announcing did their last round of voting four years ago. The average grade was a 2.27, which amounted to a B.

He shoots, he scoooooooooooores!


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  1. Marc Zumoff should be fired and replaced with Legendary Sonny Hill. We would love to hear Sonny tell us about how everyone loves & respects him and of course Sonny referring to himself in the 3rd person countless times.

  2. We went from a really great era of commentating (Gene Hart, Harry Kalas, Bill Graham) to the garbage we see now (Jim Jackson, Tom McCarthy). Thank god for Merril Reese not drinking himself to death.

    1. and I give Angelo an A++ for making sure myself and heavyweight daughter Ava are employed

  3. Jackson has gotten better. He used to be an insufferable homer. Merrill Reese is the opposite! He’s become far less likable. Complete water carrier

  4. Merrill Reese is a Legend In His Own Mind. It’s time for the Eagles to move on from this guy.

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