Sources: Rob Charry Out at 94 WIP

via Mike Barkann's Twitter

Rob Charry is being let go by 94 WIP as part of the layoffs and cost-cutting measures taking place at Entercom.

Sources tell Crossing Broad that the long-time weekend host and update anchor was offered the overnight shift but declined, leading to his departure. I’m not sure if this was a forced buyout or voluntary severance situation, but Rob had been at WIP for more than three decades and would be presumably making a decent amount of money from either one of those exit scenarios.

Charry was most recently working weekends alongside Rob Ellis following Hollis Thomas’ September departure. He did updates during the week and also produced and voiced WIP specials and year-end programming that would air during the winter holiday season. He served as a station’s union representative for a long time and was approaching retirement.

As far as I can tell, weekend programming seems to be mostly unaffected beyond this, though I guess we’ll find out soon. Glen Macnow and Ray Didinger both work part time, as does Ellis, who returned to WIP in 2018 after his departure from 97.5 the Fanatic. Go Birds radio airs on Saturdays and Sundays while the weekend night time hosts are a revolving cast of part time veteran anchors like Rickie Ricardo and Paul Jolovitz. The graveyard shift vacated by Big Daddy Graham, who suffered a spinal bleed last summer, is being staffed by committee, with various people stepping in to cover.

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57 Responses

  1. Rob Charry – shop steward.

    Decent host, but just a total left wing dolt.

    Knew his opinions on politics before he even said them.

    No different than a Fox repeater. Just as predictable.

    1. You take back what you ignorantly said about my boy Rob Charry, or I’ll be forced to give you a fat lip?


  2. Rob did a great job with the “Year in Review” every year . With the limited amount of decent hosts he wasn’t the “Hot Take” type and it was like having a conversation with him. just means quality keeps getting weakened.

  3. Rob Charry will land on his feet. Sonny Hill is using his many contacts to get Rob a job at a West Philly KFC.

    1. His 1940’s Zoot Suit he wears to Sixers game is very impressive. Wonder if he has mastered that duck walk that Denzel and Spike do in Malcom X. Hunched over, swinging your arm side to side with the chain bouncing up and down outside the pocket.

      1. Sonny Hill is untouchable. If WIP tried to eliminate his radio show; he would have a racial & age discrimination lawsuit on them in a New York second.

      2. I feel sonny will not be let go based on racial token representation. He an ego maniac……..

      3. I feel sonny will not be let go based on racial token representation. He an ego maniac……..

  4. As reported in the radio trade papers last month, WIP is on its way back to a top 40 station. If Angelo decides to continue, it will be back on AM radio.

    1. Their ratings were higher when they were WYSP…granted there are far more options today, but I never made sense to take a music channel that had broad appeal and turn it into sports talk. Not only do you alienate people who don’t follow sports, you alienate sports fans who simply can’t stand the stations “Hot Take” BS…of which there are thousands, if not a hundred thousand in the Philadelphia area. I know I stopped listening about 15 years ago because of that, and I know I’m not alone.

      Bring back Kidd Chris…then again the PC thugs would not allow a show like that in this day and age.

      1. the specific problem with WIP morning show is that Angelo doesn’t know anything about sports. That show is based on feigned shock & outrage over the topic of the day, combined with typical “morning zoo” antics (grade-school humor based on farts, boobs, and penises, insults, gross-out personal habits/medical details, strippers, etc), but at the end of the day, the listener doesn’t gain any useful sports takeaways. The Midday Show is much better, the two hosts Joe D and John R pretty much stick to sports and they both know what they are talking about. Yes, other stuff like movies & music comes in now and then, but it’s done in an adult thoughtful way, and they soon get back to sports talk. Unfortunately things decline again with Joe Giglio who is Mr. Hot Take and the takes are always ridiculous – “Nick Foles is twice the QB Carson is” followed by the next day “Carson should be so great, we should never get a good receiver” blah blah blah … the guy still worships Gabe Kapler for christssakes …

      2. As a rock station, WYSP was always a distant 2nd to WMMR. Since the switch, they’re consistently in the top 5. Not enough room on the dial for 2 contemporary rock stations, now more than ever.

  5. Rob was the biggest homer among the local media. He never gave the edge to anything non Philly. That and I think he went a decade straight saying that “this is the year Howard gets back to his glory years.” The guy just refused to believe that Howard was washed up.

  6. first time I’ve actually seen Rob. and yes he fits the stereotype of white, liberal, male.

  7. Dude was a total stooge and his takes were always terrible and short sighted. Fancied himself a “union guy” but he didn’t know the first thing about being one, just wanted to act the part. He can go smoke his bowl and talk to himself all day now I guess

  8. WIP is dominated by Eagles talk but Rob talked about the Phillies year round. It was a nice diversion.

  9. It wouldn’t have cost the station that much to let him continue to do the two shifts he did on the weekend. Naturally they keep around Rickey R who I detest. I wish he would just stay up in NY and do his Yankee games. Rob E will take any shift, anywhere, anyplace. Big Daddy is never going to be able to do an overnight shift again. His health won’t permit it even from home. He will just continue to come on Glen and Ray Saturday’s show and do a boring list each week.

      1. Me either. He sounds like one of those old time AM radio hosts that has a real voice and a radio voice.

  10. Rob was a liberal pussy but always liked him. Type of guy you would argue with over a beer & smoke a joint with

  11. I’m going to miss Rob’s “Year in Review.” They were really well done. Wonder how WIP’s management plan on filling in those Christmas/New Year’s time slots when there’s no one available to work? Maybe they’ll start rebroadcasting the past 26 Wing Bowls?

  12. Dump the Morning 🤡 & use that 💰💰 to keep everyone else. Other than Butch the Poet, Screamin’ SHIRLEY & Kidney Kenny the self promoter would that Rhode Island Relic be missed? He’s stolen enough $$

  13. Rob was one of those Sportstalk voices we all grew up on. I’m kinda bummed, regardless of if he was any good or not.

  14. Great voice and knowledge this virus thing is crippling this industry amongst many others. Nothing will ever be the same again, who will go to games? Movies? Concerts? The good old days are over 4ever. Daily sports made these people, now they are going away.

  15. Rob was the most listenable person on all of Philly sportstalk radio. Sad that most remaining choices are so lame.

  16. I liked Robs Eagles Post Game shows. Didn’t sugar coat who played lousy. Did a good job on his Saturday show also.
    Always thought he was somehow part of management, although didn’t look the part, because he was around so long
    in limited roles, and thought he had better talent than most .

  17. Rob is a radioman through and through. His special programs such as Year in Review and other retrospectives were awesome. WE are radio veterans who were set out to sea on our funeral pyre before our careers were complete.

  18. That Go Birds Radio is truly awful programming

    ESP is a blowhard and has no credibility. Often wrong

    Seltzer is atrocious. He screams and yells about nothing

    Barchard is king of the dipshits

    Listeners never ever learn anything new

    Worst show on the station

  19. Never liked him. Just a miserable person. Not exactly sure why he lasted so long. There was nothing special about him.

    1. Really liked Rob Charry, a different view and always knew a lot about all sports . He has a great radio voice.
      L Liked Hollis and his show, Heartless Owners of this station.
      Also, Joe G. is very hard to listen to for me, but lots of people like him.

  20. Guys like him & Steve Trevelise were the people that held radio stations together, solid pros who could hold down a 4 hour shift any time of day. No he wasn’t great, but he was good, and he was reliable. A bit curmudgeonly for sure, but he was always honest. Wouldn’t be surprised if the fanatic goes tits up and the whole thing consolidates onto WIP when this is over.

  21. Really sorry to see Rob and others lose their jobs over something that did not have to happen but were it not for a country half a world away. Rob and Cataldi were the last of the original folks who saw WIP turnover into the all sports radio format. I still recall his anger following the Phils loss in Toronto at the hands of Joe Carter; maybe the genesis of the Angry Rob character and persona. Always a steady listener to the Saturday and Sunday shows, never a caller. Good to see his good buddy Murray from Mayfair make a comment as well as defend Rob’s good honor here. Unlike others here who are concerned about his political persuasions; I don’t care. Rob had the perfect demeanor when called for, whether the rare championship win, the galling defeat or the fools good of a fake contender. Always I felt his talents were underutilized by keeping him just on the weekends, but maybe that was by his own choice. Rob is going to be missed by this listener. For shame on Entercomm. May all the good folks blindsided by these firings land on their feet with as little as disruption as possible. Weekend sports radio on WIP lost a great voice.

    1. TBH, businesses were deseperate to cut fat as quarterly revenue growth numbers had been declining for a few quarters now. This event comes at a good time for them and gives them cover for layoffs, writedowns and horrible quarterly earnings. Q3 2020 looking like the bottom.

    1. She’s a nightmare all right but being around Angelo that long will do that to you. I made the mistake of tuning in a couple weeks ago and she apparently has to take her temperature five times a day else she wouldn’t know if she has a fever, that tells you all you need to know. After a few minutes of her and Angelo baying and hollaring on how scared they are and we are all gonna die, I switched to the Fanatic. And I can’t stand Farzetta, When will Philly have a knowledgeable sports show in the AM? I end up switching to NPR now, that’s how bad the sports-talk is now!

  22. This was far more than Rob Charry. Entercom is in massive trouble and it will be a small miracle if they avoid filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the next 12 months.

    Locally-owned radio stations are a dying genre and the pending economic depression is going to put a fork in a lot of radio stations which are heavily-indebted and have poor cash flows.

    WIP will still be around as a sports radio channel but I have no idea what format it will be even during the prime weekday hours from 6 AM – 6 PM.

    Hard to see how both the FAN 97.5 and WIP can both be left-standing in the longer-term (e.g., next 2-3 years).

  23. It was great to hear back on the radio tonight listening to Rob Charry, and had always enjoyed listening to him on radio and things. Keep up the great job as usual and will enjoy hearing you on radio again as well.

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