“We Would Like to Finish Our Season” Says LeBron James, Countering Report

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Not sure why, but I trust LeBron:

Far as I can tell, the “reports” seem to stem from this Thursday CNBC article, written by Jabari Young:

Even though the current NBA season is still technically suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, its return this year seems less and less likely with each passing day.

Team executives are starting to feel the pressure, frustrated with the lack of information from the league and pushing for an outright cancellation of the season so everyone can focus on safely resuming play next season.

NBA team executives and players’ agents spoke to CNBC in recent weeks about the challenges in resuming play. They said team owners are concerned with liability issues and are conflicted about whether or not to give up on the current season. The individuals spoke on condition of anonymity as they aren’t authorized to discuss league matters publicly.

Yeah I bet (sarcasm). I’m sure Wes Edens isn’t concerned about any of that. Seems like shitty teams with nothing to play for are interested in cancelling the remainder of their respective seasons, while good teams in playoff positions want to carry on.

I’m Captain Obvious, reporting for Crossing Broad.


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  1. fuck LeTurd
    another greedy fucking hypocrit trying to line his pockets………

    LeTurd and the kardashians should have been on the copter with kobe

  2. Nobody cares about the NBA finishing their season but a few outspoken super duper stars. Put it to bed.

  3. Another title woukd be nice but he is never catching MJ so what does it matter.

  4. NBA should fold and LeBron can go work for a living like the rest of us.

    1. Doing what? Besides dunking a basketball, what skills does he have to offer?

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