Howard Eskin Confused Again on Twitter

This afternoon, NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted out some information regarding the Orlando Magic, explaining that the franchise has been given authorization to test their players for COVID-19.

Howard Eskin, always looking for an opportunity to rip somebody, confused the Orlando Magic for Magic Johnson as he tweeted this:

The funny thing is that Howard got two things wrong in a nine-word tweet. He thought Woj was talking about Magic Johnson, so that’s the first error. Second, Magic isn’t even involved with the Lakers these days. He resigned last year.

This, of course, follows a concerning pattern. Eskin recently confused Andrew McCutchen for football player Larry McCutcheon. He also insulted the wrong Jessica Mendoza, twice, before correctly tagging her on the platform.

I worry for Howard’s mental acuity these days. As a precaution, perhaps it’s best that he stays off the radio and no longer comes to the games and press conferences, just to be safe.




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44 Responses

  1. You wish you could hold Howard’s jock! Howard actually has a job, where you just continue counting your food stamps and work for minimum wage.

    1. Kevin and Howard have the same job, passing on the words of someone much smarter than them. The only difference is that Eskin’s come from only one source, the Eagles.

      1. Eskin is a bitter, little man that’s upset he’s no longer on TV as well as being bitter for no longer have a full-time radio gig.

        His son(Spike Eskin) gives him token hours to appease that little troll.

    1. Why should he aim higher?
      Kevy’s got it made man….
      except for the sh**ty pay and no bennies and working 60 but getting paid for 40.

      He has gotten this far with a high school education and didn’t have to waste
      200 G’s on a sham college degree like kyle ‘apparently did’

      This job requires no talent what so ever.
      Just steel content from other web sites. flip a coin to see if you give them credit or just
      claim it as you own, use prepackaged wurdpress software and a mouse to post your stolien articles,
      Sell BU||SH|T ads, sell some fake shirts,

      The website didn’t require any ability. Its all prepackaged point and click 5HIT.
      A 13 year old could design a more robust website…..

      It doesn’t require any knowledge of anything.
      Its all point an click and most of that is semi-automatic.
      And it doesn’t require any effort unless you count using ‘tw**ter, f@cebook and google’ as effort.
      95% of the teenager in the USA could do kevys job with nothing more than a 10th grade education.

      What kind of talent does it take to steel from other people as such an ‘irreverent’ website?

      The hardest part of kevys job is feeding the wurdpress “word filter”.

    1. If 97.5 was the NWO, Mikey Miss would have to be Eric Bischoff, Tyrone would be Virgil, Natalie as Miss Elizabeth, and Gargano as The Giant.

  2. Eh yo!
    Y’all see this Joe Biden cat on his virtual town hall?


    Chico , this guy is a clown yo. Nobody is votin for him.

    Trump 2020 Chico!

    Biden is total trash. Anyone that thinks he has a chance is muy estupido Chico!

  3. I agree!
    Biden is a joke and has no chance.

    Good thing I was spring break 87 cannon ball champion’!!

    4 life !

  4. The nwo is trash. A total disgrace. I can’t wait for Dean Malenko , the man of a thousand holds, to teach you a lesson.

    Trump 2020!

  5. 70k Americans are dead due to a virus leaked from a Chinese lab, which China has lied and continues to lie about. How many people like Lebron have spoken up about that? Instead, Lebron wants to stir the hate in our own country and say black people are hunted daily…gtfo

  6. The mishandling of this virus has destroyed so many lives and the economy.

    No jobs. A 4 trillion dollar deficit. A confused, rudderless nation. Flipping on guidelines. Angry mobs feeling manly with guns threatening to take back the country. Blaming everyone else. More flipping. Some flopping. A country so split by party they call a big spending Democrat a Conservative. A 4 trillion dollar deficit. But he calls people names so we pretend he is Conservative. A 4 trillion dollar deficit.

    Biden sucks.

    Trump 2020 baby!


    Note – the guy posting to himself all night seems nuts, drunk and lonely.

  7. Under Obama;

    Black unemployment up 36% from where it is today.
    Black on black crime up 42% from where it is today.

  8. 🤬😡🤬😡😡😡 I don’t care about that stuff!!!
    I don’t care about actual results!!!!
    I only care about the false narrative the media forces on me!!!!
    Social justice is all that matters!!!!!🤬😡🤬😡

  9. What’s really strange is the lefts push to call the Georgia murder a hate crime. What does hate and race have to do with it? It was a murder, isn’t that bad enough? Murder is a horrible crime, can’t we agree on that? Murderers go to jail for life. What else do you want?


  10. 1. When you are uneducated, making up stats probably shouldn’t be your strategy. You just prove you are uneducated.
    2. Obama is not running for President.
    3. Social Justice is way down on the list I even think about.
    4. If you are going to boast actual results, don’t make up things and look at actual results. 4 trillion dollar deficit.
    5. Triggered.
    6. FOX News and Conservative talk radio dwarf the liberal media in ratings. They are the mainstream media – stop believing the “false narrative”. Sheep.
    7. Have a great day.

    Trump 2020!


  11. My dear friend and business partner Roy Horn has passed away from Covid19. We were only dear friends and business partners. Yes, we lived together and shared a bedroom with many of our young male assistants but that was was only to acclimate the young boys to the handling of the animals in our act. Again, it is with great sorrow I say goodbye to my dear friend and business partner, which was the extent of our relationship, Roy Horn.

      1. Early? Dat shits full force brutha!

        Can’t wait for the fight tonight. Gunna watch it wit family. Me and the Cuz are all about family. My moms coming over , guna make the sausage and peppers.

          1. Don’t worry college boy. Some day you’ll pay off those loans. Some day you’ll meet a woman who will marry you. Some day you’ll have kids. Some day you’ll understand.

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