Howard Eskin, Who Hates the Sixers, Falls for Fake Tweet

I can’t believe people still defend this guy.

Howard Eskin, who has a ridiculous anti-Sixers agenda, fell for another fake tweet, this one alleging that Joel Embiid was spotted at a Shake Shack this week, which wouldn’t be a big deal even if it was true.

Here you go:

This photo was not taken this week. It’s not even a photo. It’s a screen grab from a TMZ video dating back to last April, when Embiid was spotted at a Shake Shack in New York after going up 3-1 on the Nets during their first round playoff series. We wrote about it back then, and the video remains posted on Youtube.

If you scroll through, he’s wearing the same sweatshirt, the car behind him is the same, etc etc.

It’s a big joke at this point. Howard has been anti-Sixers for years now, thinks Embiid sucks, Ben Simmons sucks, Brett Brown sucks, and so on and so forth. He shows up before the games, asks dumb questions, walks out to the court to talk to fans and security guards, and then goes home. He doesn’t even stay to watch the game itself, which is strange to me, since I’ve been told that he “works harder than everybody else” in Philadelphia sports media.

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8 Responses

  1. Doesn’t he defend every Eagles draft pick ever, because “You just don’t knoooooow.. Everyone makes mistakes in the draft.”

  2. But he was right about Saric. You all carried on like Larry Bird was stashed overseas. Saric was benched by the Suns this year and is an average player

    1. He was wrong about Saric. He said he was never coming over. He came over and was good enough to a major trade piece in a package to get perennial all star.

  3. Why does anyone even mention anything this zero is doing? Last I remember he sent flowers to some broad and her husband clipped her

  4. Ok , he has a agenda, better than Macnow, selling everything he can to make a dollor, big daddy every week, gtfo

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