Has Mike Missanelli been canceled? Suspended? Is he golfing?

Mike isn’t doing his 97.5 the Fanatic show today, 24 hours after hurling his headphones across the room and mouthing the F word at producer Tyrone Johnson following an argument about the Central Park lady who called the cops on the “African American man.”

Right now we’ve got Tyrone running the show, Natalie Egenolf co-hosting and reading the updates, and Andrew Salciunas filling in as producer:

I’m 20 minutes into the show, and they have not mentioned Tuesday’s incident at all. Tyrone basically said hello and went straight into the Major League Baseball vs. players union clusterfuck, and there’s been no news of discipline via Beasley Media Group or any other news outlet.

Of course we will sniff around and UPDATE THE STORY as details become available. You know that one of the callers is going to ask about Mike, so we’ll see how they handle it.


A few people pointed out that Mike was on FOX 29 this morning. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything in regard to 97.5 the Fanatic, but it’s a nugget. A piece of information.

EDIT 2 –

I’m hearing that Mike is suspended, but I’m working on 2nd and 3rd sources for that. Standby.

EDIT 3 –

Dave from Center City tried to bring up the subject and he got dumped:

Lmao! That’s perfect. Dave barely got a full sentence out before they dropped his ass like a sack of potatoes.

Also, something else is fishy here, because I was told that Dave, who came it at #2 on our list of worst Philadelphia Sports Radio callers ever, was banned for talking about dating a woman who wanted him to “poop on her.” If his ban has been reversed, then this may be worth a separate story entirely.