Tra Thomas Has a New Youtube Series, and it’s Really Good

Tra Thomas was recently let go by 97.5 the Fanatic after co-hosting the morning show alongside Marc Farzetta and Bob Cooney for a year and a half.

The former Eagle has been active on Twitter during the pandemic and this week launched a Youtube channel with a series called “Trench Talk,” which begins with a really informative breakdown of Andre Dillard:

That was great, really good stuff from somebody who played the position at a high level over the years.

One of the criticisms I heard during Tra’s 97.5 tenure is that he didn’t offer expertise outside of football (which could be said about any of the former Eagles on WIP or the Fanatic). But when it came to breaking down offensive line play, of course he was elite. There was nobody better, and now he’s able to do it through a visual medium instead of over the terrestrial airwaves, which helps immensely.

This is something that fills a hole in Philadelphia, if you think about it, because we’d probably all agree that line play is one of the last things people are paying attention to when watching a game. You’re tracking the football, watching the quarterback, running back, or receivers. Nobody is fixated on the tackles, guards, or center. If Tra keeps doing this series regularly, it’ll be worth watching every time.


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