13 Texas Football Players Test Positive for COVID-19

Hook ’em horns!

The University of Texas continues to find itself in Coronavirus headlines.

Back in April, a bunch of students flew to Cabo and then came back with COVID-19. 

Now we’ve got more than a dozen Longhorn football players testing positive:

The good thing here is that these are all young and healthy 18-23 year olds, so they’re likely to have a straightforward recovery that would see them be back to 100% well before the season begins. Hopefully the contact tracing doesn’t link them to parents/grandparents or anybody with pre-existing health conditions.

These stories don’t help though, not with public perception, especially when we’re rounding the corner here and starting to hammer out dates for a return to sports. Texas has been much more lax than other states with COVID restrictions, so none of these stories coming out of the great city of Austin should be surprising, but if the Longhorns ruin the college football season for the rest of us, they can never be forgiven.

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to downplay the significance of COVID or be petulant here, but Texas is a Big 12 darling and the officials are always in the bag for them. They get every damn call, and they get to play their toughest game each season on a neutral field, while everybody else in the conference has to travel to Norman and Austin. Any chance I get to rip the Longhorns, I’m gonna take it.

Hook ’em:

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6 Responses

  1. I’m sure if the players attend a riot or looting session in a nearby city, they will become immune to the virus.

    At least that’s what I’ve learned from CB’s coverage.

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        The SHlT coming out of trumps mouth is more than enough to cause his downfall.
        No one is dumb enough to fall for his sheit again.

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    when he’s used raycist P.U.T-O language against mexic@ns.

    fucking hypocrite.

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