97.5 the Fanatic Names Chuck Damico Program Director

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Beasley is promoting from within.

Six months after the firing of Eric Johnson, Chuck Damico will take over as the new Program Director at 97.5 the Fanatic.

He’s a Philadelphia radio veteran, having served as Assistant Program Director at 93.3 WMMR and Program Director at 95.7 BEN FM. According to his Linkedin profile, he’s been working in local radio for more than 25 years.

In an email to staff, VP and Market Manager Joe Bell wrote the following:

“…Despite moving to the Fanatic, Chuck will still be the APD at WMMR and will be our “Brand Consultant” at BEN-FM and will work with me on finding a permanent replacement.

Chuck, (Chairman Bruce Beasley) and I see TREMENDOUS upside on the Fanatic and are looking to Chuck to help us go to heights we’ve yet to achieve. He knows the market, the listeners, the staff, and is a life-long Philly sports fan. Chuck told me one of his earliest memories is of his father celebrating the Flyers Stanley Cup victories in 1974 and 1975.

All of us who have worked with Chuck know him to be a tremendous “idea man,” an outside the box thinker and someone with a unique ability to tie content and revenue together. Chuck says he’ll start by doing a lot of listening, not only to the station, but to the people in the building to get a handle on where we are on the Fanatic and where we want to go.

Coach Eric Camille remains an extremely vital and valuable member of the programming team. He has done an outstanding job of guiding the Fanatic through very difficult circumstances these past months and will continue as APD and Operations Manager. Chuck and Eric have gotten to know each other well during these challenging times and both are excited to team up for the future of the Fanatic.”

Damico’s first order of business will be navigating whatever the hell is going on with Mike Missanelli right now, though I’d assume Bell has the final say on that. Sources tell Crossing Broad Mikey Miss is out for the remainder of the week, though we’ve been receiving mixed messages about his future with the station.

This morning I wrote up some possible replacement scenarios if Mike does part ways with the Fanatic. 


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  1. He needs to fire gay community hater mike Missanelli . Maybe bring back the logo Nick Kayal. Logo can literally talk about anything. Used to love his college football & wwe talk .

  2. Is this what they Natalie was referring to when she said Sports Talk has a LOT of work to do?

    Yeah, they could really use an update girl who didn’t stumble over every read. Talk about white privilege.

    1. Natalie is one run on sentence. Can’t do a copy or live rad. Hot as hell, but terrible on the mic. She can’t read copy that she wrote!! She was a receptionist at WIP and becomes an update girl on PM drive on a Top 5 market radio station???

      1. Nat isn’t that hot. She is a Mayfair 8. Not ugly, but you can find 2 that look just like her in every bar up and down Frankford Ave.

    2. I cant change the channel or turn the tv off as fast enough when I hear woke nat doing an update . Kind of like when I hear Shirley on with Angelo .

    3. MCW was the best update person at the station according to Ant.

  3. Please Chuck, let me do the show tomorrow! I must educate the masses! Plus, it’s general knowledge Wednesday. I would hate to miss that bro.

  4. Can bro down with that guy. Some PBR you know. Rest stop glory hole action ya hear me.

  5. Heard you had to sell the tiny Nissan truck, Kinkles. Now how you gonna deliver Grubhub?

  6. The Fanatic is soooo far behind WIP and will never catch them. I only listen to Glen and Ray, Joe Staszak on weekends

  7. Please give me my job back Chuck. I will sincerely apologize to Tyrone & Nat. I will stay WOKE at all times. I will condemn cops & praise looters. I will call ANTIFA my heroes and criticize any citizens protecting their possessions. I will express true regret at not naming my daughter La’Shontane. Please Chuck, give me another chance.

  8. Glad to see our Second Amendment rights being exercised in the city the past couple nights. Too bad NYC doesn’t have that right. Would’ve saved a lot of property. Now Cuomo is guna remove DeBlasio? This whole mess really looks bad for the Dems. Would love to see these little rich white antifa kids try and smash my store front. Lol.

    Trump 2020
    Trump 2024

    1. *if I had a store front. Koo koo.

      Trump is doing a great job. MAGA loves the blacks.
      I will protect my row. Try to take grandmas silverware! Thinking about blaming rioters for breaking the window on my Caravan. Have had a plastic bag for a window for months now.

      Trump 2020!
      Trump 2024!

  9. Hey Mr. Chuck…. it’s me again Mikey Missinelli….. Please Chuck, answer my numerous calls…… I learned my lesson, please give me my job back….. I will even take a dump on the Frank Rizzo Statue and kneel in front of Tyrone for the entire show….. Call me back Mr. Chuck….please.

  10. Kink you’re selling the Nissan? Shame the auction at Zern’s is closed, could have garnered top dollar.

  11. The Democrats have officially been exposed. No respect for police. No response to chaos and violence. Very sad. Look at our cities with Republican mayors, all in order. The truth has never been clearer.

    Trump 2020!!!

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