Angelo Cataldi With Another Swing and a Miss

Angelo Cataldi

Angelo walked up the batter’s box this morning, waited for the pitch, kept his eye on the ball, and then totally whiffed:

I haven’t listened to Angelo’s show this week, so I’m not sure how he’s approached the current situation. We all know he’s a smart guy when he turns off the radio shtick and presents himself like a normal human being.

But this tweet is just a “stick to sports” take, isn’t it? A more mannerly version of the Laura Ingraham “shut up and dribble” line from a few years ago. Station colleague Ike Reese, who has me blocked on Twitter for some reason, responded as such:

Angelo is the same radio host, mind you, who called Mike Trout a “pampered, spoiled brat” because he had concerns about leaving his pregnant wife to play baseball during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s always the same with Cataldi, who thinks athletes exist only for the entertainment of the fans. That’s their sole purpose in life, to go throw a football around so that we have something to watch and something to talk about, or somebody to boo at the draft. Then, if they speak up with their own personal opinion (God forbid), they’re the ones who are out of line because they make millions of dollars and we don’t.

Time’s yours.


Trotter also ripped him:

EDIT 2 –

Scott O’Neil jumping in:


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      1. so the guy says things with the goal of totally embarrassing himself?

        great take by you two geniuses!

        1. Yet he continues to have a bigger presence in the sport media while YOU
          sit at home and pass judgement on other people all day.
          Didn’t you embarress yourself when you called those m e x i c a n s P U T O ‘S
          using the C.b;s t w i t t te r ac c co u n t and then got f i r e d f or it?

          Plus he makes more money than you.
          And thats all that matters.

        2. I mean….you created this post didn’t you? No such thing as bad publicity, you just got played.

        3. Kiinkers.
          You’re a fucking hypocrite to the first degree.

          You complain about others doing XYZ when you’ve done the same thing.

          You’re bordering on asshole and coward territory.

        4. “so the guy says things with the goal of totally embarrassing himself?”

          That’s been his exact schtick for the past 30 years. I actually generally enjoy Angelo precisely because I don’t take him seriously. And I agree, this particular hot take is moronic in the current climate. But yes, he long ago realized that he’d rake in the money by playing the role of a sports clown.

  1. Hey K e V I n, Angelo is worth millions and you are out looting to support your family! Angelo has sponsors, and you have nothing but people that hate you and trash you daily on a third rate website. Show respect to King Angelo!

  2. This is pitiful reporting. Always taking shots. Hey jealousy. The guy tweeted at 6:20 am while he was on the air for almost another 4 hours. I did not listen to the show, but posting this without any audio from the show creates more divide. Maybe he defended this tweet very poorly and said some outlandish things no one condemns, but maybe he didn’t? Get the full story, be a journalist, don’t just repost a tweet for your own self benefit. Be better.

    1. I’m not a “journalist” and this is not a journalism website. I don’t know why we have to keep saying this. We break news from time to time, but you are reading a sports blog.

      1. So you really just a mope teenager with cutting and pasting skills and questionable judgement?

        While your doing nopthing………………………
        Can you at least change the word press filter to quit flagging comments that have different variations
        of your name? or does Kyle have restriction son you doing anything that matters?

        I though this was supposed to be an ‘irreverent site’?

        This kind of filtering doesn’t sound very irreverent.

  3. heard Ike Reese had some issues with the tweet. always eager to get the opinion of someone who doesn’t believe dinosaurs existed.

  4. If Tyrone is eventually replaced Nat will still be standing. This is much like Sludge was at the other station. Everyone was shown the door except Sludge who stayed on until he voluntarily left. His voice is actually still at the station when you hear the “What we are watching” intro.

  5. The main problem with the morning show is that it is the same handful of callers getting through day after day after day. Most of them are annoying and have NOTHING interesting to say. Sometimes I hear the same caller twice during one show!! Why is the same caller allowed to call in and promote his fried chicken every flippin day ??? They are obviously moving Cataldis’ friends up to the front of the que ahead of callers who called earlier and might have something to contribute. You can wait for hours on hold if uou are not a friend of Angelos’. So normal callers stop calling and Cataldis’ friends end up being the only people willing to call. The station is being horribly mismanaged by Eskins’ useless kid and this is an obvious example. WIP needs a new program manager desperately. The inmates are running the asylum as far as I can tell. They used to have a rule that callers could only call once a week and it was better that way.

  6. The white on white crime in the comment section is hilarious. Angelo is old dude with old views and the people that like him are the same. Who still listens to any of these asshats!!

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