Jay Ajayi’s FIFA Run Ends With Zero Wins and 25 Losses

Rough go for Super Bowl champion and former Eagle Jay Ajayi.

He was representing the Philadelphia Union in the “eMLS Cup,” which is a FIFA competition where each team has a professional player compete for the title. The Union decided to punt the entire thing and instead bring in Ajayi as a clever publicity stunt, and he struggled over the course of 24 games, finishing with zero wins and 24 losses. He scored 17 goals and conceded 143, good for a goal differential of -126.

This weekend, the top half of the table was put into a bracket to battle it for the top prize, and the bottom half took part in what was called a “last chance qualifier,” which gave them an opportunity to sneak in as an underdog.

Jay lost his game, 3-0:

If you add that in, he finished his FIFA season 0-25 with a -129 goal differential.

Kind of feel bad for Jay, to be honest, but then you remember he has a Super Bowl ring and could flatten any of these FIFA twerps like a pancake.

Let’s see “Kid M3mito” or “Doolsta” do this:

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