Some folks pointed out that John Barchard removed all references to WIP from his Twitter profile and hadn’t tweeted over the weekend. Curious? Yeah, and sure enough, today he announced he was leaving the station:

Barchard wasn’t fired, but left on his own accord. In addition to hosting Go Birds and doing the occasional regular sports radio shift, he did some behind the scenes production/voiceover/etc type of work. It’s called “imaging” in the radio business.

Not sure if you recall, but two years ago Barchard and Brandon Lee Gowton were hosting the Bleeding Green Nation podcast together, then split when the pod moved to WIP and was rebranded as Go Birds. The current iteration of the show includes Eliot Shorr-Parks and James Seltzer. Kyle and I wrote a couple stories about that mess when it took place, which I recall was somewhat complicated and involved some very public mudslinging.

No word on who replaces him on Go Birds, but maybe John will drop some more information moving forward.