Philadelphia Inquirer Employees Issue Open Letter to Management, Call Out of Work

Pretty significant fallout from yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer headline blunder.

If you missed the story, the paper received a ton of blowback after writing the headline “Buildings Matter, Too” for an Inga Saffron piece about the destruction of city property during the rioting and looting that spun off the George Floyd demonstrations. It’s actually a very fair and reasonable story from the Pulitzer-winning Saffron but was instantly buried because of the headline, which was written by somebody else.

The paper changed the wording and apologized, but apparently that was not enough to assuage concerns, because Inquirer employees issued an open letter to management and are calling out of work today.

Here’s the statement being shared on social media:

The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia, which represents Inquirer writers, echoed those sentiments in a statement of their own.

I talked to a couple of folks behind the scenes and got the sense that employees are VERY united on this front. There was a virtual meeting with management on Wednesday afternoon in which many grievances were aired, kind of like a newspaper Festivus that had been percolating for some time now.

I’ve got a lot of problems with you people!

Also, Inquirer employees are currently working from home, and not their Market Street location, so they aren’t technically calling “out,” but informing management that they aren’t working today. That’s how it was explained to me, if it matters. Others are doing a “byline strike,” which means they’re refusing to put their names on their stories.

We’ll update this story if we sniff out more details.


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  1. Fire them all.

    And the Media wonders why nobody respects them anymore.

    Buildings do matter, I can’t wait to hear from the communities that were looted and burned by its citizens, to complain that business are not available and not coming to their neck of the woods.

    1. Some people don’t respect the media because your Fuhrer in the White House tells them not to. Some that actually have brains and think independently respect them for trying to do their job under constant attack by a moron and his minions.

      1. Cool story….Can you tell us about Russia Collusion and the Trump campaign…you know the MSM media narrative for about 3 years?

        If you dont mind being lied to….then that’s on you.

        Most people dont appreciate being fed lies, and see through them.

  2. So they are refusing to work today, great. What they put out on a daily basis is biased junk that fails the standard of actual journalism anyway.

  3. This world is f up. I do kind of wish the crazy Social justice warrior witch hunts going on would go after Mike miss though. Nat will need a safe space If Mike Miss returns

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