RADIO WARS: Mike Missanelli Returns to Show, Issues Emotional Apology for Blowup, Claims He Was On Vacation

Mikey Miss returned to the airwaves today and issued an emotional apology to Tyrone Johnson and Natalie Egenolf for the blowup that resulted in an unexplained absence from his 2 to 6 p.m. show.

It was ten days ago when Mike threw his headphones across the room and mouthed an f-bomb at Johnson following an argument about the Central Park incident involving the black birdwatcher and a lady who called the cops on him. Mike originally told Kyle he was taking vacation, though we heard it was a suspension instead (more on that in a moment).

Here’s what Missanelli said to open the show about the “temper explosion” that was caught on camera:

“Rightfully I was excoriated in the public forum and would like to say that I’m ashamed about it. I suffer sometimes from a thing I like to call Sicilian DNA. It’s a condition where, at times, my temper, and the temper of people of my culture, are triggers for this temper and they get really sensitive and need to be put back in the shop and fixed. That’s where I find myself right now. Believe me when I tell you that I constantly work on correcting this flaw in my personality. We all have flaws in our personalities and we wish we were all perfect. I wish I was perfect and I probably have more flaws than anybody. But I can’t blame what happened last Tuesday on DNA. This was 100% on me. My tirade was wrong and embarrassing and would have been considered foolish and immature for an eight year old, much less for a grown man as myself. And the worst part is that I hurt people who are close to my heart, so I would like to take this time to sincerely apologize to my good friend Tyrone Johnson, who has been more help to me on this show than you can imagine, and also my colleague Natalie Egenolf who was caught in the wake of the verbal diarrhea that I used and should never have been subject to the salty language I used that day. You guys are both important to me and I would go to wall for both of you. I’m deeply sorry I put you in such an awkward position. And I also want to apologize to the people who were listening and watching that day and how I made you guys all feel uncomfortable. So I hope you accept my apology and I make a vow to never let it happen again, God willing.”

Some people didn’t have the attention span for that and stopped at the “Sicilian DNA” part, but if you read the entire thing he clearly states that he is not deflecting and that the blowup “was 100% on me.

Mike got a little choked up about 60% of the way through. This is the video, in part:

I didn’t expect the apology, honestly thought he would just start the show and ignore it.

Later, at the end of the first segment, Mike doubled down on the vacation thing, saying this:

Obviously we stand by everything we reported last week and the week prior.

Time’s yours.


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  1. Mike is not sorry, and people see him for what he is, a clown.

    Time yours

    1. Of course he isn’t actually sorry. If he was, this wouldn’t be the 10th time he flips out on air and “takes a break”. But that makes us, the audience, a bunch of clowns. Because we still listen to him and take his apology seriously.

      1. Speak for yourself…I haven’t listened to him in years….much like most local sports radio. Mike is just the worst of the worst.

      1. I think in these difficult times everyone should come together and agree on the spelling of “pussy”, but I respect your opinion.

    2. Missanelli shows his true spots once again, angry product of white privilege trying to pander to Philly. Send him and his Norfbeastly troll packing. Ring back the king!

  2. Nat and Ty will be eligible for unemployment compensation.

  3. “…I can’t blame what happened last Tuesday on DNA. This was 100% on me.”

    This apology would come off much more sincere if he had started with “This was 100% on me” instead of spending the first seven sentences on the pathetic “Sicilian temper” angle that, indeed, wasn’t to blame.

  4. Your ego is the root of your anger issues, Mike. Get over yourself. You are a career local radio guy that thinks he should be national. Going to angrier 4 Law School is not impressive. You are no more than Eskin and that kills you.

    You overcompensate being a dime a dozen in your industry and that upsets you. If you were better, somebody would have given you a shot. So, you decided you would be the tallest midget in the circus. You are still little.

    Your over the top liberal silliness is transparent. Playing basketball in high school doesn’t make you hip to black culture. It is embarrassing to listen to you pretend to be all knowing.

    Congrats – you achieved Eskin status. A career local radio guy. Just a guy. Stop pretending like you are more than what you are.

    It’s like when dim Joe pretends he has money. It’s just dumb.

    1. Not only did he play basketball in college, he’s also from Bristol don’t forget. He was on vacation??? So he decided to come back for one day from the Memorial day weekend, then take a 1.5 week vacation? Ok little mikey. Where did you go exactly? And even if he was on vacation, he would’ve came back ASAP in order to educate us all on the plight of the black man. Something he knows all about growing up poor white trash in Bristol.

      Also if that pig Natalie is “the update girl”, and there haven’t been sports in 3 months, why does she still have a job?

  5. Mike should bow before Tyrone & Natalie and wash their feet like the rest of his liberal brethren are doing. As I’ve stated before, Mike has something terrible hidden in his closet that he is deathly afraid of coming out. Those that scream the loudest about this President have the most hidden and to lose. Don’t worry Mikey, God isn’t on your side the day you sold your soul.

    1. Hey, I misplaced God’s number. Obviously you have it on speed dial. Can you spread the pipeline to the inner gospel, the real deal, the main man? I have a few questions for the righteous #1 major dude.

  6. In the age of trying to get everyone fired how does the woke community give mike Miss a pass for his past [email protected] slurs . Wish leaders like Philly chit chat and that Congress dude who went after people protesting abortion would step up

  7. Mike had to grovel at the feet of the WOKE Gods, (Tyrone & Nat) to keep his job. 😂

  8. Fake virtue signaler who is in reality a huge POS.
    would love to hear someone call him out, but the only ones they even let through anymore on the line are double digit IQ black guys and 60+ year old boomers.

  9. Mike Miss is a piece of liberal trash. Now he needs to kneel and wash Tyrone’s feet

    1. Trump is a Fascist who hates the USA. Your Party is the joke. Your boy is trampling all over the Constitution. GOP is the real joke.

  10. I hate Kyle, Kevin and everybody on here with the burning heat of 1000 fires. That being said, the way Kylie gets under that hair dying flatliners skin is amazing. Keep up the good work Kylie.

  11. It was 13 days ago, not 10…but this isn’t on you Kev, Mike said 10 days in his opening monologue.

    1. 10 or 13, it shouldn’t matter. That other guy still should not misspell “pussy”.

  12. Mike asked us all to come in a little earlier then usual to “air things out”. He apologized right away to everyone and made a point to specifically say how sorry he was to Nat and Ty. Things seemed okay but then he started acting very weird. He told Ty he read alot this past week and started reciting passages by Maya Angelou. Then, he just kept asking Ty who he thought the best of all time was, Jordan or LeBron. Someone tried to change the subject but he just kept saying if he could he would have voted for Obama a third time. He then started shaking and screamed that “The Blueprint” is the greatest musical achievment of all time. Three of us had to grab him and take him into the other room as Ty walked away shocked. will keep you all updated.

  13. Mikey Miss is simply patronizing the blacks.

    All he did was ramble on how black people have been shit on with racism.
    Which is true.

    Did he offer a solution?
    All he did was yak like a NagEgg on the rag

  14. And he wants us to put ourselves in another man’s shoes.

  15. I know guys who grew up with him in Bristol and they didn’t like him then. Somebody needs to kick his ass he has a big mouth for a little guy

  16. Stop making excuse for this ego maniac. He blamed it on his Italian heritage. Then he back tracked.

  17. Anthony has a tiny Peter..tee hee. Don’t tell me you forgot about me. Remember when he quit so we could spend the extended weekend together after I got fired for being an idiot.

  18. As a fellow Sicilian, I’m offended that he would bring up our DNA! I want an apology, and I want him fired!!

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