RADIO WARS: Some Clarity, as Mike Missanelli Set To Return To Air on Monday

Maestro has been deciphering all signals intelligence coming in the last few days. It has been, frankly, difficult to separate the signal from the noise this time. Missives, cables, and outright disinformation campaigns have made the truth a moving target, like so much in our world today. Zuck, Cambridge Analytica, and a room full of Russian trolls have nothing on Philly sports talk radio interests.

Here’s what we know.

For the last week, since Mike Missanelli hurled his headphones at a wall live on the air, followed by an apparent blowup with producer Tyrone Johnson during the ensuing break, the outright leader in Afternoons has been missing from the air.

Last week, he told me he was on vacation through the end of the week, a claim challenged by a 97.5 source who said Missanelli had been suspended, ostensibly for the ordeal.

When things spilled over into this week, it was clear that something was afoot, as the Maestro indicated to you last week. There was chatter as to whether the two sides could be working on a buyout or settlement for the remainder of Missanelli’s contract, which is – or at least was – scheduled to be up at the end of this year. It’s unclear if any changes have been made there.

This all seemed like an overreaction to a radio host throwing his headphones– a common occurrence in the industry, per sources.

But deeper concerns were at play. Perhaps this presented 97.5 brass an opportunity to cut ties with the costly Missanelli.

For his part, Missanelli has seemed unhappy with management for some time, and he has been indicating a willingness to quit.

Strife with coworkers, particularly Tyrone, may have been the driving force behind this week-long void. It seems the on-air disagreement was not the first between the two of them and things may have escalated (to be clear: not physically!) last week. At points during this hiatus, Missanelli has indicated a great displeasure with his producer.

But per sources, as of now, the plan is for Missanelli to return on Monday, with his full show intact, including Tyrone and Natalie Egenolf.

Of course things can change. If Maestro would have assigned odds yesterday, he would’ve put it at -120 for Mike not returning. But it seems a truce has been struck, or at least that a peace treaty will soon commence.

Perhaps new program director Chuck Damico – by all accounts a good dude and well-respected figure – was able to mediate any concerns.

Asked for a comment on his expected return and told any response would be considered on the record, Missanelli told Maestro:

“Kyle, go away. Seriously.”

To my lair I go. THE MUSIC PLEASE:


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  1. Kyle nice article and insight. Please post more. Thanks.

    Nat is a clown and Know it all Ty is a cornball. Mikey Miss might be the worst of the 3.

    RIP – Philly Sportstalk radio

    1. Agree that Mike is a clown. He started a culture that just insults everyone who has a different point of view. Just listen to any Tyrone Johnson or Jason Mertytus show to see examples of this.

      You’ve got to listen to people like Dei Lynam or Joe Stassak to get real, interactive sports talk radio. They used to have a gem in Mt. Airy Phil, but let him go.

  2. So, it’s that outspoken loudmouth producer of his, that’s giving him trouble. Get rid of Ty Johnson it’s Missanelli’s show, Not Tyrone Johnson’s show

    1. We know about the struggle! We went to tough schools like LaSalle and Archbishop Wood. GO TY!

  3. I hate Kyle with the fire of 1000 suns but jesus Mike is such a sensitive little child. He needs therapy.

  4. The problems with talk radio is:
    1 – for the most part its hosted by schlubs just like you and me.
    They watch sports just like you and me, BUT They have no
    experience PLAYING sports so they just flap their gums, just like you
    and me. They have no more insight into sports than you or me.
    They only have the job because they know how to incite people
    and get their ‘hair up’ and have some training in working at a radio station.

    2 – they talk about the same incidents OVER AND OVER for weeks on end.
    repetition is boring – i just change the channel. They just grind it into the

    So they can only keep their jobs/get ratings by acting like A55H0LES with their
    over the top acting out bits.

  5. Tyrone has been nothing but professional throughout this entire ordeal, and over the past week+ Natalie has FINALLY been allowed to see her potential and contribute to a show.
    I like Mike, but it’s probably time for him to move on and get some new blood in the show.

    1. Yeh sure thing Nat. Nobody likes you and your SJW perspectives… with it.

    2. Sorry to see you’ve fallen off the wagon. Make an appointment to see me immediately!

  6. I stopped listening to Philly “sports” radio and don’t miss it one bit. A bunch of blowhards who think that THEY are the story and not the sports and athletes that they are supposedly covering. With Mike Miss #1 in that regard.

  7. Pretty lame how you refer to yourself in the third person so many times in this article, Kyle. The Maestro is a stupid moniker to boot.

  8. Kyle writes three posts in the first months of 2020 and Mikey Miss tells him to “go away.” Oh 2020, never stop.

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    1. But cops can’t go killing suspects wantonly on the street. This isn’t Judge Dredd or Minority Report.

      1. I know, this dude is a fucking assclown. Fuck outta here with the law and order fake tough guy boolshit

  10. Missanelli is a hack. He should move back to Bristol and do the overnight shift at local podunk station WBCB.

  11. The WOKE crowd will now want George Floyd put on the $20 bill. At least this won’t be counterfeit.

  12. I can remember when a post like this would get 80+ comments.

  13. And to think the Morning Show has 25-30 people, at any time, watching on Twitch! Rating Beasts!

  14. WIP straw poll: If the Saints release Drew Brees should the Eagles sign him as Carson insurance…..215-882-…..

  15. Loved Mike, was always a HUGE Fan. Mike WAS my constant go-to whenever in the auto. HOWEVER, since Mike has joined in with the rest of the liberal, one sided, lie – riddled make up the narrative democratic leftist media…………………I’M FOREVER OUT…..WIP here I come…… MIKE DROP!

    1. Well I’d like to tell you that you’re going to be blown away by the talent at WIP, but I don’t want to piss on your leg and tell you it’s raining

    2. Your an idiot. Just another clown always blaming the left for everything wrong in America. Look in the mirror you conservative clown.

      1. Problem with our Country are brains like yours………turn off CNN, get out of Moms basement and open your eyes. #TOOL

        1. I’m piledriving your dad in my basement right now with Fox News on in Dolby surround. Every time he hears Sean Hannity he gives a nice little squeeze with his ass whole

          1. When you’re done with my dad do me. I’m dieing for a prostate massage from your helmeted soldier.

  16. Lol… doofus. What “lie” would this be. The only lies I 16,000 know of are the 16,000 and counting by your glorious leader.

  17. The only person who can save is….Jose! What Up. We got..Hockey Action yo!

  18. Where are my t-shirts? Emailed twice with no response. 5 weeks now since online purchase.

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