RADIO WARS: Mike Missanelli and 97.5 May Be Headed For a Breakup

The drumbeats are coming.

Our current global pandemic has brought countries to their knees, put nations on a permanent war footing. But long-since-descalated tensions remain. The marching minions of warring tribes appear to be converging— with the troops spaced 9.75 feet apart, of course.

Following a heated and mostly one-sided on-air exchange between Mike Missanelli and a headset his producer Tyrone Johnson and Natalie Egenolf yesterday, Missanelli curiously did not appear on his show today.

In a text exchange, he told me he was using a vacation day today and for the remainder of the week, explaining that he would be unable to use them once sports returned.

“I have five weeks of (vacation). With sports starting soon, I’ll never be able to take it then.”

The ol’ blow out the week after returning for only one day after Memorial Day routine. Of course, might be a much-needed cool-off period.

Following maestro’s Tweet on the matter, I heard from a well-placed 97.5 source, who states, flatly, that Missanelli was suspended, without pay, for the remainder of the week, as Kevin first reported earlier. The source also says – though there is a subjective nature to what follows – that station employees are fed up and seek to have Mike fired.

There may be some displeasure, on management’s part, with Missanelli last week inviting a listener to the station to fight him.

Mike is adamant that he has not been suspended.

In any case, we may be coming to a resolution.

Missanelli, whose contract is up at the end of the year, may quit. Maestro gets the sense he’s long been unhappy with management at the station, which very much relies on Mike for ratings and, I’m guessing, revenue.

Me thinks we’re in a standoff.

Mike’s options to be the afternoon sports talk radio leader in Philly are limited… perhaps to only 97.5

97.5’s option to have one hit show are also limited.

There’s long been the notion that they need Mike, thus affording him a longer leash than they would a lesser host.

Maestro is receiving conflicting info that hints at spinning of the facts – wartime propaganda – as both sides broach the possibility of an end to the decade-long relationship.

But something is afoot. PLAY THAT SYMPHONY:


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  1. ‘Quarantine’ is when you restrict the movement of sick people.
    ‘Tyranny’ is when you restrict the movement of healthy people.

    1. What is it when you quarantine everyone because you don’t know who is sick or not?

      1. BIDEN2020 – for a stronger america and no more gingers in office

  2. I’ll take it over corona news or a pissing contest between millionaires and billionaires or more people getting killed or more people yelling

  3. In all seriousness; Mike Missanelli has mental problems. When you’re an old man and calling out people you don’t know to a fight, you got problems. How can anyone work with someone like this? Management has no choice but to terminate him.

  4. He once used precious air time with Sir Charles to discuss Stormy Daniels at great length.

    Check the global score card, his PC shtick is dead.

    1. Exactly. Somewhere over the last couple months it has been hijacked by 2 or 3 morons who want to make this yet another place for political fighting. They can have any other forum for that crap. Leave CB for the people that enjoy stupid and immature humor.

  5. Mike is the only asset at 97.5, so everybody is screwed. Mikes always had an anger problem. If they fire him they better hire a top notch host. Tyronne is terrible. Is take on most sports issues are nonsensical. Maybe give Nat a shot with a new person. Might be interesting.

        1. Actually you’re not. You have been picking up gigs left and right the last couple months. All with a bigger footprint than the one at 97.5.

          1. Yeah, I got a gig on Sirius while nobody’s driving. Whoopdee-damned-do.

    1. Since when did she become a sports authority. Her chief job is to regurgitate social media takes.

      1. then why do you continue to listen?
        Just so you have something to complain about?
        You’re like all the other women.
        fucking kunt

    2. Was it during a Steamroller Picnic set? Probably when they covered “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit and Mike just was bro’ing out too hard in the most pit

  6. Mike is a mad old man. Tyrone is the epitome of affirmative action. Nat is a 7.5. But Mike makes them coin. Mike keeps job and new producer comes in . Maybe Nat stays maybe not.

    1. You really think the station keeps Angry Mike and gets rid of Tyrone? Especially after what Mike did? Tyrone would sue the shit out of 97.5. No way that happens!

  7. I’m celebrating 3 years & 11 days being sober . I used to drink vodka, smoke pot everyday for 15 years straight, even sniff cocaine on occasion. My wife left me & I thought drugs was taking away my pain but it was only making me worse . I met Mike Miss at the fanatic fest last summer & he told me to stay strong and patted me on the back.
    I’m not a perfect person today but I’m clean

  8. 97.5 faces a really difficult decision. If they fire Mike, they have no future as a sports station. They have literally NOTHING else.

  9. It got too much for me. Between sjw Mikey Miss, giggly dizzy nategg, black lives matter CEO Tyrone, I couldnt take it anymore.
    They veered too much off sports (before the lockdown, I havent even tuned in during it)
    I went on twitter a couple months ago and saw someone exchanging words with mike miss. I thought it was a parody account bc mike was talking hella sh!t, and saying he’d knock ppl out.
    No professionalism on his part.
    I’ve been listening to marks and reese instead and I really cant stand Marks but it’s a better show

    1. why? I mean, neither show is any good, and with their being no sports, there is really NOTHING to talk about. find another hobby.

  10. I would love Bruno and Mayes on Sirius and 975 along with piece of ass SJW Natalie

  11. Tune in at 6am and listen to my groovy show on 97.5! I was trained by Angelo and will soon rule Philadelphia in the mornings once Angelo retires in 10 years!

  12. Yes even before Covid I stopped listening to Mike they talked about so many things other than sports.

  13. If anybody is gonna be crackin skulls, its gonna be me! Don’t get my blood pressure up or i’m gonna talk my favorite Kevin Costner roles for an entire afternoon. I am what the fans of Philly want and I am what they deserve. You want straight sports talk, then i’m the guy that will give it to ya!

    Now let’s get it back to the iggles

  14. Kyle – It’s nice to see you back. Nice write-up, hopefully the coverage continues.

    1. Thanks.
      I’ll add one punch to your reacharound asskissing card.
      2 more and you get a free one.

  15. I feel like Natalie will one day just be somebody that I used to know.

    I’m gonna be on the Maniac Malloy’s Instagram show tomorrow night btw 9:45 pm. That dude is fucking nuts. Shaved his eyebrow off on IG live and had Keisha Grey with her tig ole Bitties out!i

  16. Good timing Mike. I am signing an Executive Order today to install a Government controlled media. Don’t care about the Constitution. The dark web and my own news channel is not enough. I want to control all media.

    I would have silenced you anyway, Mike.

    1. I am not saying I do or do not want Innes back in Philly. What I will tell you is that there is no way you will hear him on 97.5

  17. I wonder if the rioters in Minnesota will all catch corona now? hordes of “people” all bundled up against each other, without masks. In brighter news, Japan only lost 851 lives from this “disease” without implementing shutdowns.

    1. Heckuva lot easier to isolate a small island nation, genius, especially one rooted in an isolationist culture where foreigners have been historically unwelcome.

      1. lol you’ve obviously never traveled to Japan. I get it, your idea of vacation is heading down to one of the NJ beaches. In which you had to save up all year for the $1,000.00 weekly rental of a dump house. That or you aren’t white. In my travels to Japan I was treated amazingly. Its ok buddy, keep watching your television and repeating your liberal echo chambered, brain washed talking points

  18. Well i was born on south broad street in 1958.
    worked fot the EAGLES and the PHILLIES as a kid.
    not the flyers because i had season tickets for two CUPS
    I like Mike he tells it like it is. he leaves I will follow.
    i will never listen to this station again. And i have it on all day long. waiting for 2pm

  19. bring back josh innes!! He is a great heel and keeps it real. He also once let me pet his dog roofer. Let’s gooooo



    Leave it to CrossingFraud to drag Missanelli acolytes out from under the woodwork with the
    rest of the stinking scuuum c**kroaches……..


  21. That mook TYrone sucks.
    if you want shitty ratings, and an excuse……….
    keep tyrone……………….

  22. What the fuck is the maloinx? Was he trying to be the Maloik?
    Guy is a real moron. Twitter page is unbelievable.

  23. If your feeling froggy, just jump. Do I amuse you. How am I funny. You just said I was funny.

  24. Mikey Miss would have been a great contestant on that show Bully Beatdown hosted by Jason Mayhem Miller.

    Tough guy Mikey Miss wouldn’t last 30 seconds with an old washed-out MMA fighter north of 50 years old.

    Mikey needs to shut up and admit to himself,and others,that he never changed he just camouflaged who he really was for another run at radio.

  25. I used to love his show but haven’t listened in over 6 months. I listen to either Mike Gill on 97.3 or Tony Bruno and Harry Mayes on Sirius 211!

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