This may be the whitest conversation I’ve ever heard.

Here’s Boston radio tandem Felger and Mazz from 98.5 The Sports Hub talking about Cam Newton, and how his touchdown celebrations will be received by Bill Belichick and the Patriots:

You might remember Felger as the guy who mocked Roy Halladay after his death, and later apologized. I’m told that these guys do the typical sports radio contrarian shtick, and that Felger is actually a Packers fan, so that sounds like its par for the course in the industry. Every major American city seems to feature a sports radio blowhard who isn’t even from the area.

Anyway, right off the bat Felger is referring to dabbing as “dapping,” which is pretty funny. And the whole Gronkowski thing is off-base because he was a total meathead who spiked the ball every time he scored a touchdown.

There’s also video of Bill Belichick talking about his approval of celebrating, from the NFL Films documentary series A Football Life:


“There’s nothing wrong. In fact you should be excited when you make a play. Hell, look at all of the work you’ve put into it. All the time that you’ve spent, and practice of putting into it, then to go out in there in a game competitively and execute it well and make a play, you should be excited about it. And your teammates should be excited about it, too.”

Time’s yours.