Get Used to “Washington Football Team”, At Least For Now

Washington Football Team
Image via Twitter

Imagine announcing a rebrand for your sports team after the Seattle Kraken broke the internet. That’s exactly what Dan Snyder and Co. did Thursday afternoon, announcing that the NFL team in Washington, D.C. will henceforth be known as the “Washington Football Team”:

Yes, that’s what they’ve actually chosen to do. Despite rumors and concept art of some really cool team names making the rounds, Washington has opted to roll with this for the 2020 season. They’re punting till next year. At least the burgundy and gold color scheme we’ve grown accustomed to seeing will stick around, with the previous logo being replaced by the players’ numbers:

Don’t worry, though, the team will have merchandise for your DC friends to buy in the coming days. As for the Redskins branding, signage, merchandise, and such? The Washington Football Team hopes to expunge that imagery from their record by the regular season opener against your team, your town, your Philadelphia Eagles:

Let the name guessing for 2021 begin.

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