Phil Allen, aka “Phil from Mt. Airy,” was a host at 97.5 the Fanatic from 2011 to 2015. He also anchored the morning show at WURD 900 AM back in 2014.

Today, on his Facebook page, Phil shared a story dating back to the Riley Cooper saga in Philadelphia, alleging that he was told not to talk about the topic on the radio. Furthermore, he claims that he punched a co-host in the face after that person reportedly called him a racial slur.

The post:

We reached out to a half-dozen 97.5 the Fanatic folks who were employed there during Phil’s tenure. None of them were familiar with the situation that Phil describes, and doubted the authenticity of the claims.

For some context, Phil often would anchor on the weekends, and did the Eagles post game show by himself for a while. But there was a time in 2013 when he was partnered briefly with a client who had expressed interest in hosting, and was given a shot.

That person was the co-host on the day he references in the Facebook post, which we’ve confirmed through social media and other posts at the time. There was a positive “solid show today” Tweet from the co-host on the date of this show, published after the alleged punch.

That person would never call him the N word,” said a source who worked at 97.5 back then.

That same source also said they didn’t recall then-Program Director Matt Nahigian placing any sort of restriction on Riley Cooper talk, but admitted that the weekend hosts might have been given different orders. A second source said there was no HR complaint filed and that nobody was fired.

Obviously, what may have been said is unknowable to those people, so sources refuting the incident doesn’t mean at least parts of it didn’t happen.

We reached out to Phil to see if he’d comment beyond his Facebook post, but have not heard back.