This NHL Hype Video Will Make You Want to Climb Into the Penalty Box and Fight Tie Domi

We were supposed to get the Phillies, Flyers, Sixers, and Union this week, but we’ll have to settle for three of four after the Phils’ weekend series with Toronto was suspended.

Speaking of Toronto, your local ice hockey team is up there right now, preparing to battle the despicable and loathsome Boston Bruins on Sunday afternoon. I’m already pumped for hockey action, yo, and now even moreso after watching this:

“We’re tied of saying ‘we can’t wait.’ Now we won’t have to, and neither will you.”

Amen brother.

This gets me irrationally pumped, almost aroused (but not sexually). It makes me want to jump over the glass and fight Tie Domi in the penalty box. It makes me want to skate past Evgeni Malkin and call him a “fucking nerd.” It makes me want to hip check Brad Marchand into the empty seats inside the Scotiabank Arena.

‘Let’s go baby baby’ <Monty G voice>

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