PIAA Kicks the Can Down the Road With Meandering (Yet Cordial) Response to Governor Wolf

Big news earlier this week when Governor Tom Wolf said, at a news conference, that Pennsylvania is now recommending high school sports not be played until January of 2021.

That caught the PIAA by surprise, since leaders there had already given the go-ahead for fall sports to resume, with football heat acclimatization beginning on Monday morning and other sports kicking off the following week, on August 17th.

The PIAA held an emergency meeting today, Friday, and came back with this meandering statement, which essentially kicks the can a few weeks further down the road:

We’re basically pushing this back for two weeks because the governor and the PIAA are not on the same page. He’s recommending, but not mandating, no sports, and the PIAA disagrees, but they’re too nice to tell him to fuck off outright. That’s more or less what’s going on here.

Thing is, there’s really not a lot of time. There’s not much wiggle room. The PIAA decided on July 15th to move forward with fall sports as scheduled, and then offered an updated roadmap for schools on July 29th. Now here comes the Governor, one week later, offering a suggestion that doesn’t serve any purpose but puts the PIAA in scramble mode, leaving student-athletes and their parents scratching their heads.

The decision can be anything – sports, no sports, a hybrid schedule, or whatever – but you must decide! Here we are now on August 7th and the adults running the show are leaving the kids hanging. Someone has to step up and take control of the situation.

Sorry if you’ve got a kid playing Pennsylvania sports right now. It must be frustrating.