Doug Pederson Blows Off Snarky Jeff McLane Question

Doug Pederson was maybe slightly out of line when he gave a snarky response to Jimmy Kempski’s question last week about Carson Wentz missing “layup” throws. The Eagles head coach asked Kempski if had ever played football in the NFL, obviously perturbed and annoyed by the query. He did, however, go on to provide an answer.

After Sunday’s atrocious and visually-displeasing 23-23 tie with the Cincinnati Bengals, Jeff McLane asked a question about “layup” throws, which Pederson blew off entirely.

Volume up:

That’s kind of a dickish question, isn’t it? What’s the point? Is he trying to piss Pederson off? Joke that didn’t land? It resulted in a one-word answer and then they moved on to the next person on the Zoom call.

Again, Doug was probably being unnecessarily crabby when he said what he said to Kempski. “You didn’t play in the NFL” and blah blah. And then the NFL’s research Twitter account took a cheap shot at Pederson before deleting their Twitter thread entirely.

It’s all snarky. Doug was originally snarky. The NFL Research person was being snarky. Jeff McLane then pops on the postgame call with a snide remark. Maybe we all need to move on from the topic of “layup throws” and let a certain sports blog handle matters of irreverence.

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